See from the beginning I felt the draft.
There was A cold breeze in every laugh.
Now I'm left frozen on your shoulder.
And I'll be freezing until we crash.
A pun.
Like ripping out your heart to save her life.
And falling from space face first to see her.
When you take a chance despite your gut.
Taking off bandages stuck to your hair.

Her heart is elsewhere but you still care.
She's perfect and you're dangling in her air.
You're willing to be near as long as she's there.
Giving away your life, but without a spare
That's how much....
If I close my eyes, I see you.
Tonight I'm wishing on a star.
We're so far from something,
so close to nothing.
(seep yourself to leak away)

all reveals are feints;
I take you right
but I am moving left,
always left,
then left again

when I turn the faucet of me on,
brown, rusty pipe water comes out,
never turning clear,
even if the flow
went on for a millennium

someone traveller passerby
reads my excellent explicit illicit words,
with kind sweetness
observes a valid conclusion:
Poems take.a lot out of you


not take, give
they are the slow seepage
of my overburdening
which is
yes, yes, I know, all relative,
but perspective is a
sometime summer thing,
and all the springtime streets
filled with filthy frozen slush

having  come from some rusty water leakage,
never turning clear
no matter how long the street runs away
from you

so you take yourself to give away,
seeping and leaking

ah words;

so useful and so inadequate
crushed petals from the Tree of Life

you ask me If I have read my brother,
the prophet-poet Jeremiah?

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure.
Who can understand it?

When your words came, I ate them;
they were my joy and my heart's delight

Then the Lord reached out his hand unto my mouth and said,
"I have put my words in your mouth."

these are those words
written months ago
I was flying without wings.
We soared across the borders of space.
I'm not falling in love,
because falling means there's a landing.
Our destination is high, we are magical.
Two people so different.
We're lacking respect.
Both American yet so distant.
There's a disconnect.

I wanna trade eyes.
I'm blinding by pain.
I wanna trade minds.
Cause really I'm insane.

Then they tell me it's my culture.
As if I could never be something important.
Like if I started talking right, I'm labeled.
Black kid talking white, most blacks aren't able.

Black violence is a by product of slavery being invented.  
Now don't get all defensive.
Not being able to read or white was apart of the system.
Please read. The following frustrations linger heavy on my heart. Black violence, yes it is a horrible reality to face. However most  only talk down on it without trying to find the cause or solutions to correct it. If you study history you'll find correlations between the past and present. The southern states Jim Crow laws is a good place to start. I won't lecture you on the origins of black crime. However I will say, only talking negative about a group of people at a disadvantage will never fix anything.
And finally I can breathe.
I thought I lost you.
My heart was racing, like the exhaust do.
Memories flooded my mind I realize
You're all I need.
Since Valentine's day is approaching.
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