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I was a fool for you.
But I was just your after thought.
Now you're just a broken idea.
No is power.
Say it louder, all your might.
It's violent. To the point.
Roars like thunder!
Strikes like lightning.
No is frightening, it's enticing.
So exciting, always fighting.
No is trying. I can stand with no.
I don't understand how you can
plan it though.
We've stable, steady moving
Like the planets go.

Truth is, I'd rather get a no.
Then to wonder if you know,
From the bottom of my soul.
So say no, and don't ghost.
Pretty straightforward.
I had it all.
Love wealth and happiness.
Now I'm so small.
Tough, death, it's happening.

I don't know.
Don't know how it left.
I can't go.
Can't go to find my help.

I was tripping.
Tripping on a cloud  in heaven.
Now I'm sinking.
Sinking cause my mind is heavy.
We loved recklessly but it was pure.
Convinced it would last a lifetime.
And now on the brim of losing you nothing seems real.

In the wake of another nightmare called life you've left me.
I'd rather sleep because dreams don't feel like regret.
I've forgotten what it's like to feel.
One last hug
One last kiss
One last touch
Things I miss
One last goodbye
One more kiss
A thousand more cries
And it's over with this.
Love heart broken sad lonely life dark cry dream metaphor realism free verse rhyme
Why can't life go as planned.
Where all my goals unfold from my paper
and I feel like more of a man.
When ideas flourish and I don't have boundaries.
Meaning there isn't failed projects found in me.
Every missed exam, failed class, and job lost amass into a nova of sorts.
Life is like an ocean, but you didn't bring any pair of shorts.
The waves keep knocking me down.
All the lonely people belong together.
They come from places of not being able to trust.
Places where we've been through so much it's difficult to try.
Where one step forward means two steps back.
You ever tried going anywhere lost? Welcome to the world of loneliness.
They belong here.
Eleanor Rigby is a great song.
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