When did we get lost?
Wasn't it you how taught me everything?
Why was I so afraid to love you?

When there's a will there's a way.
That's what you taught me.
I'm trying to live up to your expectation
but you always gave me a choice.
A voice to have of my own.  You just wanted the best.
Realization is weird.
Realizing how much I wasted on hate.
and it's  killing me.
Love is meant to be without conditions, you showed me how.
I guess that's what so hard.
I can never be like you.
I wish I told you that more.

just venting...

Then there's this moment I keep replaying,
oh how I let you down.
I saw the loneliness in your eyes.
But I didn't come to comfort you
All I did was hide.
It's my biggest regret about you.
If I could shift time I'd go back.
You and I would live in a limitless space.
Maybe one day I'll be able to

death healing regret fear

I use to like her when she was 15.
The day we met I swear it was love.
Now she's moving right next to me.
She has my heart and doesn't have a clue.

When the friend zone is not so friendly

I'll be there for you,
Till the day I die
always care for you.
See me in the sky,
I'm in the air for you.

When she can speak without sound, move your soul.
Like the wind raging, she's mighty and bold.
Plaster her picture on the wall, it's worth a thousand words.
A thousand words she never spoke.

It's strange how it works.
Innately doing it's job, always being accused.
There's no organ for emotions, we just needed an excuse

You ever dreamed of falling, me too.
I wonder where we are landing
You mind explaining how this is the action of love,
I'm having trouble understanding.
Is our bloody deaths the proof?

It's late and I'm feeling so, distant.
Remind me again why I should, trust you.
It's starting to feel like I'm, missing.
In the end there's no more us, and it's only you.

You just love how I make you feel.
I care so much because I give my all.
No questions cause you know it's real.
I put my heart on the line, and you just let it fall

Things I never tell her.
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