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A construct created to pressure us into irrational decisions
Now we care more about quantity than we do precision

As if, if we stop and consider our actions it’ll be too late
Great, now I’m running behind because I’m blabbering again
We worship our watches, welcome to the new  age
Don’t rush me I’m working on something
I’m from a city in Tennessee
The greatest state I’ve ever seen
Drink the water and you won’t leave
It’s like I’m living in a dream
The greatest place that you could be
In Tennessee

Might not drive the fastest car
But you don’t have to drive too far
To hear a song that’s from our hearts
That’s all it takes to find your spark
And you’ll be dancing with the stars
in Tennessee
Home is where the heart is
What's the purpose of trying.
Is it just to give up again.
It's seems I feel most loved when I need reminding of why I'm precious.
Someone always jumps in, and to attempt to save me.
Well I wasn't looking for you wonder woman.
But your smile is so elegant.
And you feel good for my soul.
I know you're impervious to harm but my darkness is deadly.
I float a lone, happily in the Dead sea.
Remember when we kissed, how it was salty?
I'm sorry.
There's no room for you here. I don't have to explain.
I never asked to be saved anyway.
I try to fight it.
There's power in my hand
As I write it's leak on my canvas
It's not hard to understand
My mission is clear, I couldn't plan this
Arrange verbs and words to attack
It seems simple but I still haven't started
I'm afraid of war, but now I can't relax
So the contempt is lingering in my heart
I stared at the white ocean for days.
An empty canvas, plotting my escape.
It seemed to lure me into uncomfortable depths.
I'm not shallow, but I do find myself staring in the mirror.
Is it vain of me to appreciate my reflection?
I'm begging to know, and yes the ink makes me see myself clearer.
I paused as my thoughts began to implode.
I slowly realized I'm still sinking.
Instead of fighting for air, I'd rather enjoy this episode.
What was I thinking?
I knew the ending would be anticlimactic.
18 times in 11 lines is proof of a narcissist.
Perfectly planned perfectionists and sly schematics.
A new series, a likable protagonist dying. What will happen next time on Dragon Ball... sorry if you don't get it.
I'll trust you with all my heart.
I won't rush you, you can take your time.
Falling for me is an escape, I'll be your beach.
Love never fails.
Then I
met a girl
And she
Gave me the world
I won't
Let her go
I will
Let her know
She is
My everything
She is
My only dream
I want
To be with you
Let's make
Me and you
My favorite tune
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