I think I see the future too.
So close to a new you.
New Year and new fools.

Same place and same food
Till it's April time with same the rules.

Keep reading and it will make sense I promise.

A battlefield covered in sacrifice.
Pride was slain, but we lost a life.
Blind love with the eye sight.
Two sides but who's right
Both wrong so we do fight
Harsh words and they do bite
Just do right and do life.
He's black with white wife.
Bow down to a new night.

Charlie Wonder Dec 2017

Then I,  met a girl
and she,
stole my heart

When she, ran away
I thought,
I was in the dark

But now, I can see
What could,
Be the spark

Bahamas and Nirvana for the win
Charlie Wonder Nov 2017

So we've come so far, and I'm still dazed
Blind sided from the blows of life
If I could change I would
Perfection never felt so close
Yet so far, exuse my perception

Charlie Wonder Nov 2017

I struggle with the mirror.
The man standing in front of me is a stranger.
People seem to like him but he makes promises he can not keep.
There's a pile of corpses stacked at his feet.
He killed them all.
The mirror is selfish.
If you smile just right then you get hundreds of likes.
Armed and dangerous with eyes that are  trust worthy.

Free writing
Charlie Wonder Nov 2017

and regret lingers everywhere
leaving it's poisonous fumes
Intoxicating the air

So breathe lightly if any at all
Stay silent, least you faint

Hearts are bleeding
yet you're wearing make up
Fake smiles stained like paint

Sometimes writing is the best therapy, actually all the time.
Charlie Wonder Oct 2017

When the mood is perfect,
and time is on my side
When the stars are twinkling,
right into your eyes
Then I can be whatever
you need. I'd,
hold you close until
you fall asleep.
Maybe dream about
how the earth turns
with you and me.
The places we'd
the things we'd see.
But nothing is for
and surely not
the sea.

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