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With words to describe the breaking pointthe threshold is above the boiling pointThe critical mass is already breachedand all I can think about is my diseaseAnd the frustration is setting inI can’t decide what is right on this path that some call lifeim just on a journey riding a pebble around the milky wayAnd I pray and I pray and I pray and I still can’t find my way oh oh oh oh ohwo wo wo wo  so what am I suppose to do. Maker of the heaven lead my shoes and set me on my path so they’ll all get off my ***.
Feb 2010 · 1.4k
Question on everythingAnswers to nothing
The life of a child is filled with the uncertainties
The loyalty of dog is never questioned
WhyThe price of lifeStill undecided
Could it be the price or happiness
Cheap to some
To other worth their life
The isolation of the world and the selfish desires of the consumers the Demons of the selfless
The red dragon slayed once more by saint George
The red fox once more outfoxed himself
And the red wheelbarrow once more pondered
The silence of spring is not yet know
Yet its warning were simply filibustered
The Constitution of man is on cannabis
And the brain yet free is still bound to earth
What is seen is not believed until the other Senses can agree
We can’t even trust ourselves
The world is full of Thomas’s
But where are the geniuses of sin
In the powers of state
And the archangel of the sinless is a minority
Caste to the chasten life of a three headed god in the temple
Of Zion on the River Tiberius
For the eagle flies in the fog led only by the call of Self indulgence
The root of all evil
Yet the reason for survival
The green frog jumps across the road But what is on the other side
That is the answer to the question
Feb 2010 · 735
Time Stopper
The rush of it allYou know the sensation of being lateThe rush to be on timeThe anxiety theThe frustrationWhy couldn’t it be more like the days of oldThe days I dream ofThe calmness and serenityWhere all is in rhythm with the heartbeat of lifeWhere time passes carelesslyWhen will there be only one goalOne preoccupation2006-
Feb 2010 · 1.0k
sexual fishing
Everyone has that one spot that you can just go to and be in complete harmony.  Mine has always been the same. Its in the surf of the gulf of México, sun just peaking over the horizon and the only sound the unusual softness of the rhythmic waves against the Galveston beach. Fishing poles in my hand and a hat on my head I wade into the gulf out to the second sand bar jumping each wave and feeling the sand with my bare feet. It is here in the first few casts that I find utter peace in my soul.  The anticipation of a bite and the beauty of the sunrise over thewaves rejuvenate my total being. The ****** of pleasure I experience with each cast is so climatic that the thought of it alone is enough to bring pleasure.  The rhythmic movement of the waves massages the elixir of passion for me to extreme ends
Music is the sound that vibrates the soul. A true song fills your soul and frees your spirit.It invokes your being with passion It’s a sweetness that can never be too sweet.Written while listening to little wing by SRVThe tune carries the note on the melody paddling with the beat felt in my heart-Its serendipity vibrating the being.Fly away to the sound.Feel like a dove heaven boundBlow to new heights where the ground looks further than the stars.
Living on the road my friendis a gambit with no rewardIt’s the river before the turnthat folded on the flop.You outta take to the trailsThat out ran the fencesWhere the rubber and railAre still a ****** in arms
Feb 2010 · 498
What am I suppose to do?You tell me no, but then you doWhat kind of environment is this?Not healthy to me or youWhat shall one do but lie.
Feb 2010 · 627
inside out of nothing
inside out of nothingnexius of imaginationnarcissis of beautyvisions of serenitymeandering waves of utter translucence placid peaceTroubled by the feelings of guiltin love with lifetouched by light
in my eyes im fishing the pylons,awed by the sunset, inspired by the with nature and its pure beauty,firmness in body and spirit: Alive.pure and simply energized by the elixir of lifeLove. with Love comes spirit expounds Joy to the extentthat one couldn’t contain it inside himselfthe pureness and simplicity in which I can be pleasedis identical to the pureness and simplicity of love
Feb 2010 · 847
hydro confessions
fairest maiden watcher of the skieswhile I wrote this I was so highon that tropical grass that knocks you on your assoh phisher of the skies and creator of alibisgive me a simile to communicate the feelings I need to say.  It’s the mushroom tea, the pint of lean, and all this ****, that keeps recalling the collective unconscious of my childhood memoriesand it makes me see the path in front of me and the relationships that made me what I am. A man that can’t be soberdue to the decisions I’ve made latelyits plain to see that this ecstasy has made me quite stupid.its like a mountain breeze that moves through youlike the good vibrations humans create while love makingyou waltz across my mindo’ keeper of timeascending towards the stratosphere you glidegently back to earth to find a pipe loaded just right packed fat and wide as SPM’s chromed our spinnersplatinum grill and plasma screens fallin’ I dream for serendipity to overcome me while im covered in your ecstasy
He was meant to live for something more. His life is unfinishedBrush your shoulders off and dig inLight that fire and burn it downyou still have stuff to doWake up: Get upDon’t Give up
Feb 2010 · 1.7k
guardian angel
should I falter will you  catch meare you quick enough to keep upmy guardian angelare you even really out theremy guardian angelwhere are you for my best friendsprotect them when they are in perilin times of need where are there angelsdo they not love me as you domy guardian angeldo you really love me at allmy guardian angeldoes there life not matter to youas it matters to me today2003-
Feb 2010 · 930
Untethering at the seam
I wish to be free to thinkWithout limitsBirthed again without sin in the unique place I rest my headOnly with no thoughts but my own wild dreamsTo be released into this world as a dreamer and ******* of branchesAs a newbie donning the cape of ignorance and embracing the sword of naivetyA knight or chivalry not know to this generationA pallium to imagine to wildest and purestAn arrow to the sky propelled by desire to fly
Feb 2010 · 743
Tree Top Therapy
atop the highest tree you can seethe other side. from the on-ramp to the toll-wayto the park-and-rideacross the retention pond.the ocean is in view if you look to the rightof those houses.this scene to seepurges me to the tenth degree.from atop my perch I’ve given birth to a transformed me.In Virtual Insanityresides amalgamationin fascination with our nation.2005-
Feb 2010 · 834
to live forever
to live forever would be keento never worry or fear deathfriends would come and go as a passing springlovers lost and forgotten as drawings in the sandbut pure joy to be felt over and over againto always be in the presence of beautylife would hopefullynot loose its desirewould the imagination still have its firewhat would there be to live forwhat goals would there beif there will always be a yesterdaywhat dreams will I wish for and what tears will I crywhat elixir will quench my thirstif I could live forever I would be forever distantbut as I am nowimmortal in mind and spiritfragile in bodyI can live for somethingLove where I find itbeauty where I see it, when I see itsunrise: sunsetdaydreamingTo live forever would be keen but to die that will be divine2004-
Feb 2010 · 2.3k
The wind rushes past meand the sun is so bright that I can’t see.What is this madness before me? Have I gone blind? Why can’t I see?The sounds of spring and the smell of rain,the poisons of technology permeate my brain.Have I gone insane in the membrane? Or it this a dream? I am a fiend for caffeine.You are the cure I need, the antidotes to the poisonous seed that infects me constantly. Sleep consumes me, this world I soon must leave.I am stronger than the leaves in a stiff summer breezeor in a hurricane, I am the roots that remain, to be reborn constantly.Like the phoenix I will rise towards the sky tonight.Up into the atmosphere I will rise up highpiercing through the starless night, flying like a butterflyfloating upon the breeze, with weightless eases I lay atop the trees.Why do the clouds fly by as if they are on a highway in the sky?Could they stop for a while, so I might bring one downto take a nap upon its bed of feathers made of air.I’ll climb the tallest tree, and jump out upon the sea,of cotton ***** of gas that float like a tumbling massof constantly moving poetry.I’ll nap atop the trees.2oo5-
Feb 2010 · 855
Black Ruby of the Night
just like the midnight lark I rise each midnightto listen in delight to the sound   that I have grown to love.
for her words have grown on me intertwined inside my memories.
every night I need her voice to set the moment right.
just like the lark I am a servant of the sky bound toroam across my dreams.Her song intones me.
I am stronger than the leaves.
in a stiff summer breeze.
sweet harmony be my guide and lead me to the other passage has been paid by the dreams before I’ve laid.but do not be affright, I dreamt of you tonight.
so sing me lullabies from you perch up in the skyand I’ll dream a dream so true, and I’ll only dream of you.that I’ll wake amidst the nightwondering why you’re not by my side.then I’ll heave a heavy sigh as my ears have been trained to find,your fervent song that forever keeps me hanging onto the last few precious moments, of a night that creeps,  sing me a song o’ black ruby of the night.draw your inspiration amongst the starlit night.for dreams do come true as dreamers often pray,but on an on another day.  good bird I do praythat God will bless your wings, for without your holy sound my life would come unwound.  o’ poet of the treesyour verse sedates my mind to a gentle mediation ‘tis true that all I hear is you.o’ poet of the skies and singer of lullabies,
I dream dreams so true of me and of you- .  allow me to be frankof hiker of the leaves,  and drifter of the trees,may you play for mea song so seldom sung to the silver sliver stuck above.I’ve fashioned a dream today of which I wish to playbut I have no melody to accompany my songbird of the night, sing me a song so rightand let your symphony surprise the stillness of the night. in these words I trust you’ll forever know my loveas strong as the rushing tide pulled from the silver disc ruby of the night like a thief you stole my heart,ransom off my being but keep my soul intact, this is all I ask.first sound I fell in love with your evanescence glowthat radiates to me as roses attract bees.your bittersweet melody invigorates my being.wind comes to tear the leaves from ceiling treesbut the roots hold fast and the leaves survive and my soul has crossed the dream a dream so true as dreamers often liein bunks made of trees to slumber through the tide. in your song I am free to think,I am firm in my beliefs,I am stronger than the leaves.2005-

— The End —