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Nov 15 · 333

the decaying of life


sheer and lustrous

that's how your eyes glisten on the first fall  of snow

Cold is the night as it nestled on the nook of my neck; a familiarity.

though, a sun-warm skin mended the aching cold.

you were all what is left; a hope I kept when I wonder if there is a place for us among the ruins.


an anticipation

You: is the gift of winter.
Nov 10 · 293
Raining season
He offers me his umbrella and I asked for the storm.
You know how it feels like to walk alone in the middle of whirling thoughts that would end up with nothing.

But you will always remember that he never leaves when everyone stood beneath the shed.
Oct 31 · 426
"what thing did hurt you the most?" He asked.
"Drowning" I answered.

He looked at me, as if he scrutinized each word  to say.

"you can simply swim against the currents" he said.

I know he can do everything and there's one girl who couldn't even bear to touch the waters.

"You know how much grievance the ocean had bestowed whenever I attach someone in every story I know about it; she kept on drowning, anticipated on how deep the ocean is, every time his eyes fall in crescent"
Oct 25 · 327
Strawberry ice cream
Little things could turn the world
like knowing your favorite coffee and on how I could easily notice you on the way you laugh.
I know how strawberry ice cream taste different as it looks better on your lips.

One time, we went on a secret room, I would love to be with you in that place because you are the first one I took there. Inside, there's a lot of mirror reflecting each side of your delicate and beautiful skin.

As I watched you glimmer, you are so amazed of how much I keep that place just for you.

And little did I know that you are looking from afar though, I only fix my eyes on you.

And there's an another cup of strawberry ice cream, one spoon for two.

But not with me.
Do you get deja vu
Oct 20 · 394
The butterfly effect
She have been collecting butterflies, there are few in a frame in her house—the dead ones displayed as a remnant of how beautiful they are and some of the living are in a glass jar.

she watch those fluttering wings, she is really fond on its translucent and prism-like butterflies.

There is a different one that makes her fall in love with. She keeps it with her, she wonders if there is any magic to this one special butterfly that she didn't want to end up in frame.

"I wanted to keep you but not in a selfish way" she muttered.

She opened the jar, watching the butterfly as it spread its wings gracefully.
a beautiful story
Oct 9 · 363
Growing a garden
She have never been into things such as growing a garden, they say her potential will have to be reached by a streak of light draping through the window pane.

she builds her greenhouse and collected some seeds, she doesn't sort if she'll grew by season or if it's a monstrous plant— she just want to see a lot of butterflies that she have never seen before.

she remain unimpressed, seeing a hues full of periwinkle and blues, roses and thorns decorated beautifully by her fragile hands, you can see on her plain tone the visible traces of paper cuts and ink blotch.

one day, a boy visited her garden, he grew fond and perpetrated on every flower she had. they sat on an empty, unfurnished room, filled with his paints and brushes, not seem to notice the one uncleaned palette she used and left forgotten. She watched the boy as he paints, as if he knew every detail of his magic, it reminds her of the days she spent the same way, on how she loves it, tenderly in her heart— she said he was a stray butterfly, everything on him is luminous.

they spent their time there, little did the boy knew that she loves everything he had done on the garden. She wonders how a little misadventures were found in a wild wood.
just a little touch of how lang leav left me in tears and some of my old poems. That uncleaned palette is my habit.
Oct 4 · 286
Pandora's box
my heart
is a vessel
a gift from heaven
buried in abyss.

love contains an
insurmountable magic
unraveling fervent griefs
you are all what is left.
Sep 28 · 486
Lucky stars
They say I am the girl of luck; tossing coins  as if I am expecting everything as I planned, shifting cards as my thoughts are paid by the seven hearts.

We couldn't define luck as we wait in a grocery line or is it just because of our lucky stars traced into constellations, that the universe ruled every inch of our existence.

I was wondering if I could bet for another star and wished it would be you.
Recently I've always get picked on a raffle, I was wondering if it's because of squid game :>
Aug 31 · 403
There is another thing that the sky is covering up to, parallels are invisible strings that connect us.

You are a myth that the muses talk about,
they tell me how far the stars
that I wouldn't reach you
and how I wander my hands on my brokenness.
It was the traces of how beautiful the blue in your eyes
and the memories of red lanterns
lighting up our way home,
I feel the terror of we might forget
the sound of the eerie cold night.

Parallels are constellations in the skies as if we are remnants of history,
Each night we wished we exist.
Aug 14 · 263
Wild wood
I know, there is no place for a fickle people like me
who painted their thorns beautifully to feel the comfort of no turning back.

And the only thing I remember is the wild wood where I tracing each constellations and searching for your footsteps.
Aug 7 · 440
Little star
My nights have never been so fragile
until my words traces my heart
and tears filled up its meaning—

this is how a little shipwreck
can sink me.

I hope you know  
how much I wanted to tell you
how beautiful the stars
as you are.

How I attach you on every story I know about the sea
and how much light you fill in me, I couldn't bear to lose it.

My words will always find you
and will lingers in me;
you have always been a part of it.
I've been crying on "Reaching out" so I made a little words on it.
There's still a part of you that lingers in me; a myth I haunt  and the ghost of every story I make.  

The traces of my brokenness
are the lure of lullabies
As I am chasing shadows on the crowd
they're coming after you under the moonlight.

What was the best thing for being a sunshine if you are a star that night can only have?
Jul 9 · 458
Forget me not
I followed the vestiges of your footnotes,
everything is a chrysalis of memories and forgetting.

It was you,
who unfolds a life halfway through my existence, I wish I wasn't there in your forgetting.
Jun 30 · 546
I dance with my bare feet, padding across the floor cracks
it was a good day as the winter's done
I was patiently waiting for the sun to rise.
You have been there and left frozen by
the time I came.

They are left haunted and nostalgic
I couldn't even took a direction without seeing the reflection of your gaze
anticipated by the prism of your paradise,
everybody fall in the thought of it is a rabbit hole; I don't want to dream about you anymore.
Jun 25 · 1.1k
It's always you, whom I miss
It reminds me of the perfect blue
on purple sky,
I attach him on a beguiling lullaby retracting the memories of the sea
where the strings like constellations
connect us; You can never be apart from the ocean.
"You can never be apart from the ocean."
Jun 25 · 501
People are vines
My footsteps were memorizing
the cracks of the floor,
vines creep along the grounds
as the constellations,
they are the patterns to my wonderland.

Gold flush,
rose blush
You are beautiful in my memories
and I unlocked  the box of my dreams,
wounds are deeper than to what I feel
Stitched with the strings I tied to you,
People are vines as they fall in despair.
Words left unsaid
Jun 22 · 846
The man and the sea
There is one thing that you cannot replace on this world; the man and the sea,
A magical life runs on his veins, interconnected on the depths of its history.

The sea is a giver, it is a lullaby creeping on the shore. He is the sirens of the storm
If he could only reach me,
I would bear the anchor beneath the waves.

His eyes are sinking ships as the stars crashed on the sky; he is the embodiment  of a lost piece of your dreams,
the heart is as deep as the sea.

The time wouldn't keep us
but my words will linger deep in the sea.
May 13 · 622
The stars are fake
The stars are fake,
they are shinning upon the sky
And burning everything that touches their beam.

They desire a sand
and you are the hourglass.
May 13 · 653
Moon child
The moon waits for the poet
to hear its lullaby
and the sun also cares
to what it whispers.
Apr 23 · 313
They are a Periwinkle
that didn't linger
like the dancing willows,
I left them without embers
I left them with iridescent eyes.
I understand now
why they lost their minds
like a lustrous prism
in a mythical dream;
love is a place
where the poets went to die
and where I always came back.
Mar 3 · 671
He always left me hollowed,
A blank space
A black hole
I am buried deep below.

He always left me hollowed,
when the sky is blue
and our hands are reaching
when the sun is yearning
when our hearts are beating.
Feb 15 · 235
If I could carry the weight
then it is not a burden.
Words said then shot --
           spurr of the moment,
           a hole grew inside
           as I skipping conversations.

Lurking on secret window
hiding by the covers
holding on to the rusty doors,
behind them are all the puzzle
I cut to pieces,
a hole grew inside.
Feb 14 · 284
So many catastrophes isn't it?
If all you had was hell, imagine if I were the world where you are standing right now, right this year, too painful, too depressing; Be careful what you wish for.
Feb 14 · 162
Words fill the animosity
of silence,
like an entire body ---
a vessel that flows
pure emotion.
A heart will not reach its depth
nor the weight of its beat,
My love had been a crescent;
gently waits, to make us whole.
Happy Valentine's ❤❤❤
Feb 2 · 602
Swan's lullaby
I always write about love
and think I'm into it
And think of its twist and turn,
It wasn't that easy to love and
To be loved.
Each day we're swooning by
The comfort of the Sun,
I could not remember the last time
The light had left me;
No one would ever take a glance
on their dark times.

I know, I am complete--  living on a guarantee that
The stars will hold on into the night,
Each night where you will hear the
Swan's lullaby
And in morning, you will embrace
The thoughts of last night's catastrophe.
Jan 4 · 520
O sole mio
O my sunshine

You nestled  like a willow,
broad arms brushed against mine, slowly
yet moving as kind as the look in the eye
filled with light seeping through the window panes.

O my sunshine

You are as tender as our mouth full of mirth
you are a giver as a room for sentiments and memories.

You called me "my sunshine"
And so you are.
Dec 2020 · 275
White sneakers
It reminds me of your hometown
Where I played with those
dancing lights,
Ferris wheel with a sunset backdrop
And my white sneakers on rainy afternoon.

I'll follow the trails of my faded memory,
I've heard a lot of story about girls who had disappeared and never been found but
I never have the courage to look at my what-ifs,
As long as my feet would take me from the place where you are waiting for me.
Dec 2020 · 190
I saw many people who had a place in my heart once and now they're just an unforgiven memory.
Nov 2020 · 320
The vessel
I'd been a vessel;
I don't want you
to bear the feeling
of emptiness.
Nov 2020 · 1.7k
Love letters
It wasn't a lingering feeling
but a shot in the dark;
love letter once written
in the middle of spring,
until these words left frozen.
Oct 2020 · 233
Every word that had been
made was about you,
draping into my skin
a pale and old like autumn leaves.
I've never been beautiful until your mouth traces out my name.
Oct 2020 · 377
My words are written in lines and I hide behind them, I hope you understand them as the way I loved you.
Sep 2020 · 498
Unheard lullaby
When I hear that unheard lullaby
It makes a deep hole inside me
maybe, it reminds me of your heartbeat
If there's any memory in your mind
that I couldn't fill; a gap between us.
It wasn't your fault, if couldn't make it there
In the middle of June.
Sep 2020 · 384
Brave enough
There was a time that I beg for someone to stay; a triumph of a lost traveler as he finally conquered a hidden fortress and ****** was in his veins. I was once left in his nightmare, as it was a sphere, where the embers turn to ghost.
I held a full revenge on frail hands,
a raging storm that would crash the bridges.
I thought I was brave enough until there was you, who brought light in darkness. You changed the skyline amid my calamity--
in that way I remember you.
Sep 2020 · 108
My love
The whole of my heart on the outside; my  world written in pages.
Aug 2020 · 190
I was writing about the things
that I won't feel anymore.
Aug 2020 · 227
It was morning
when my time set to yours,
a little loud but I got the vibe.
I remember the party dust
when you rushed to go home,
did they remind you of seeing me?
behind the lights somewhere that night.
There's a string that tangles us
as their bewildered eyes won't catch us up.
Jul 2020 · 227
I was the girl who
wishes for a time machine,
I was that girl, they say
I'm someone else's catastrophe,
And now I changed the ending
and it turns out to be something
more than life.

Back when we were changing
for the better,
saying the last goodbye,
printed footsteps and your shadow
last July, I knew you didn't mean it.

Saving me worth everything
but staying, defines me
not the one who left undesired
You'd come back to me, just in time
last July when the last stretches
of the darkness doesn't haunt me.

I know you'd come back to me.
Jul 2020 · 161
As a kid, I love to build
a sandcastle
beside the shore.
I feel the warmth of the sand
through my cold feet,
And I won't let the waves crash
the every grain of my castle.
Jul 2020 · 236
Each day
We are both clueless when time
separates us; I wonder how you fell asleep each night and how good or tough your work is, when you have to forget me temporarily.

I wonder how I could bear this imaginary gap between us,
how I long to stretch this yearning arms on you.
Jun 2020 · 223
A great man's voyage
conquered the seven seas;
fully armed with high hopes,
his expectation is the vessel
of his triumph
as he found the girl
who speaks of love.
Though they were apart,
no one else can take what
only was meant for them.
May 2020 · 328
They came from the
roots of unknown,
nurtured to see
the sheer bliss.
They grew to build
a strong foundation
as they grew together.
May 2020 · 360
In mind and soul
Words came out
in mind and soul,
they aren't out of
It is an interpretation
of belonging.

Our words
are mind's guide
to a wandering soul.
May 2020 · 222
The best time
They hear about my game,
dying just to play
truth or dare,
through the dead air
honey, I know when you will
get over.

but when the scene has changed,
I saw him there
his armors are laid down,
half shy and waiting.
His brown eyes are
sharp as dart,
they caught me as I know
I was falling.

This one happened for the first time,
sleek things, witty quips
he is beautiful as la vie en rose;
a well written piece I can't discard,
I just want to be with you.
" This is yours now.
Please take care of it."
Apr 2020 · 290
In reverse
My thought kept hunting me

I loved you, like the calm ocean
a deep blue uncertainty.

I loved you, like a pure rage of storm;
that's when I found myself.

that's when I felt truly alive.
Apr 2020 · 137
"Do you really know, what is love?"

it's better to be clueless until you do,

like a loose thread, you couldn't resist
pulling until it reveals everything.
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