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If I could carry the weight
then it is not a burden.
Words said then shot --
           spurr of the moment,
           a hole grew inside
           as I skipping conversations.

Lurking on secret window
hiding by the covers
holding on to the rusty doors,
behind them are all the puzzle
I cut to pieces,
a hole grew inside.
So many catastrophes isn't it?
If all you had was hell, imagine if I were the world where you are standing right now, right this year, too painful, too depressing; Be careful what you wish for.
Words fill the animosity
of silence,
like an entire body ---
a vessel that flows
pure emotion.
A heart will not reach its depth
nor the weight of its beat,
My love had been a crescent;
gently waits, to make us whole.
Happy Valentine's ❤❤❤
I always write about love
and think I'm into it
And think of its twist and turn,
It wasn't that easy to love and
To be loved.
Each day we're swooning by
The comfort of the Sun,
I could not remember the last time
The light had left me;
No one would ever take a glance
on their dark times.

I know, I am complete--  living on a guarantee that
The stars will hold on into the night,
Each night where you will hear the
Swan's lullaby
And in morning, you will embrace
The thoughts of last night's catastrophe.
O my sunshine

You nestled  like a willow,
broad arms brushed against mine, slowly
yet moving as kind as the look in the eye
filled with light seeping through the window panes.

O my sunshine

You are as tender as our mouth full of mirth
you are a giver as a room for sentiments and memories.

You called me "my sunshine"
And so you are.
It reminds me of your hometown
Where I played with those
dancing lights,
Ferris wheel with a sunset backdrop
And my white sneakers on rainy afternoon.

I'll follow the trails of my faded memory,
I've heard a lot of story about girls who had disappeared and never been found but
I never have the courage to look at my what-ifs,
As long as my feet would take me from the place where you are waiting for me.
I saw many people who had a place in my heart, once, and now they're just an unforgiven memory.
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