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I am leaving tonight,
my backpack is ready
my heart is empty, for a new memory
I'll threw the old ones in space.

I guess, you're wondering
why I am alone,
but I'm leaving for good.
I'll come back soon
if I find my way home.

I'll tell my friends, how blue
the earth is, and how the sun
won't ripple anymore.

I have to see you, before I go
you can go with me, if you want to
the stars are enough to lit up my room
take me to the moon,
you know, I won't leave without you.
"I hope you that still love me,
the way you did when we first met."
  Mar 15 Charlene Barcelona

Runny mascara is needed
To clean off your face
Define your own tears
And they'll never go to waste
Amidst all the bad things,
You are the only good thing happened in my life.
You traveled far or
just want to go somewhere,
away from home;

he barely breathe on his own,
how tight the atmosphere
deep sigh, he lost in sight.

Keep the distance,
keep all resistance
he paved his way a million time
but he end up on his brokenness.
A reflection
"I'll be with you,
let's grow together"

as we're ******* to
this conversation,
words are just simply spoken;
but yours is splendid.
October 21, 2019
There are incidents,
we didn't want to happen --

a slow hit of comet
on moon's surface,

a sudden glitch, then a
momentarily signal jam
between the satellite and earth.

As the star lost its light,
all the words were just made
only to crash

You were once a moon --
it comes bright in night time,
and the sun that gives warmth
yet, too painful when I look closer.

After each signal jam
I can see things clearer,
You are the lost star that
changed everything,
and there hasn't any like you
since then.
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