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Dec 2014 · 369
December 2, 2014 12:14 am
Chantinelle Dec 2014
I don't know how to tell you just how happy you make me.
When I think of you, all I can feel is happy.
All my problems are gone, only a light feeling remains.
When we talk, I always feel like you value every word that comes out of my mouth.
That even if you didn't know, you would always take the time to listen.  
I find myself almost bashful as I catch your eyes, but hide it with a wink.
There's a gravity between us, a pull, a string, maybe even fate?
You feel like a sun in my life, and I a moon, glowing in your presence.
One night, I even thought of introducing you to my father.
By my side or miles away, whenever I think of you I think I could move mountains.
If any form of love exists, maybe this is it?
You make the pain, the hate, the anger, the suicide
You make that go away, instead replaced by light and happy.
I want to be that for you.
So maybe I do know how to tell you how happy you make me, maybe all I needed was the lightness to say it.
Sep 2014 · 414
Imagine the Ancients
Chantinelle Sep 2014
Give me the Ancients.
Ancients with blood on their cloaks,
Tattoos carved into their flesh,
Down the lengths of their spines.
Their names- the names of those they have conquered-
The names of those they have lost, loved,
Embedded so deeply into their skin,
That the markings become a part of their souls.

Ancients with their faces painted,
Their dark hair long and
Braided with strips of fine cloth and raw jewels.
Imagine them with metal tips upon their fingers,
burning it’s way past their surface until they merge as one.

Watch as the hunters, the mothers, stalk through the woods,
Silently waiting for the ****, providing for their families.
Hidden are they who sheath themselves behind scarves,
Spears and daggers poised to strike.

Listen as they bath in the moonlight,
Ravens circling overhead, wolves barring their mournful songs,
Foxes that keep sentry, their quiet sounds a warning.

Cower when you hear their battle song,
The pounding of earth and fire.
Hold your children close when they seek revenge,
Revenge for what has been forced upon them, their daughters, their sons.

For the Ancients will be kind and wise,
When you give them respect,
And treat them the same as your saints and martyrs.

Because this was their land,
They were here long before there was even an echo of civilization.

The Ancients are not jealous,
For Mother Earth has room and love for all.
They only wish for their share of respect.

Imagine power,
Raw and at hand,
Imagine the Ancients.
Sep 2014 · 669
Be Patient
Chantinelle Sep 2014
To anyone who may ever attempt to be in a relationship with me:
Be patient.
I am like a wild animal, I need to be tamed.
I'll laugh to ease the tension I feel, don't take it personally.
I'll duck away when you try to wrap your arm around me.
I'll flinch or freeze in fear if you try to kiss me.
Take things slow, like easing a wolf into the position of a house pet.
Because that's what I am.
I am wild and I am free.
I am used to running on my own, used to not being tied down.
I have to feel comfortable with you for anything to work.
And that comes with patience.
Hold my hand when we go to a movie, don't try to kiss me or talk to me, chances are I am actually watching the movie.
If you want to kiss me start off with little things; start off with a kiss on the back of the hand, my forehead, my cheek, my nose.
Hug me when were alone, just the two of us when we're comfortable with one another, don't make it into a show of claiming me.
I am not yours to claim.
I am me, a person not a possession.
And I don't take transition very well.
So, be patient, don't make me jump into something head first when I'm incredibly frightened of it.
I'm going to be a nervous wreck after I've been asked out; just treat me like you always would and when I'm comfortable we can work on who we are together.
Because I am me and you are you; we are different people yet we can come together with our feelings and make something completely new.
If we're patient.

— The End —