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3D Printing

Proud owners of 3D Printers !
Makers of 3D Printers !
Designers of 3D Printers !
What you are creating
Does't hold a candle
To Designer-maker-owner
All-in-one models
Created eons ago !!

It is the female of
Every species of mammals !
Bones, flesh, blood
Nerves, memory cells
Power plants to convert
Food to energy !
Control systems to regulate
Regeneration of fresh cells
Filter system to provide
Clean oxygen to
Fuel the Power Plants
With Powerful binoculars
Audio production mechanics
Audio receptors to pass on
Grey cells enclosed in
Secure and hard shell
Strands of fine hairs
To cushion impact and
As thermal insulation
Protection shields for
All sensory units
Efficient drainage system
Propulsion facilities
Guidance and command
Center for all activities!!
Processors working 24/7
Processing gene information
Tweaking and fine tuning
Some info and trashing a few
Data storage many TB more
Than many data centers could
Offer with minimum
Upkeep and maintenance
Self-Encryption capabilities
And above all the ability
To produce both male and
Female of their species
All from getting just
One ***** and
ultimately infusion
Into the product as casual
As our breathing.
Do we know the creator?
Different Religions have
Different Names for it
But all the same it is
That counts :-)
sunflower seeds
calm breeze
flowing sundress
hot sun
cool water
smooth skin
salty air
blooming flowers
shades of cool
I am sitting in a dark room
in a corner,
As if I was in a pensive mood
from the days of yore

Accompanying me is a tiny
candle, with a swaying
Golden dim flame.
Candle smears hazy light
over the walls creating
My own shadow behind me.

A gigantic monster behind me
also swaying with the flame,
which is playing with the breeze.

Oh, a tiny flame blown all
the black darkness inside me
onto the wall in the form of a shadow
making me a pure breathing doll.

I came to know that the dim light
is not so dim, but shaking and
fighting the monster in me
is nothing but our gorgeous 'HP'
Thank you HP.
Even small things can create great things in life.  HP is so great that each poem is  a small flame purifying us.
Kelley A Vinal
Let's debate morality
Or end-of-life finality
Let's discuss the totality
Of our finite time
Stained-glass is splendid, though
Kneeling hurts my knees
Cathedral heights are wondrous
You must tithe and pay God's fees
Ten percent - twenty!
Please, always give them plenty
Clergymen will surely then
Be happy with their bounty
Emily L
How is it
one can make
their first kiss
different from
their last?
because their
first kiss
was the last kiss
they ever
it's a foreign concept
to accept
in such extreme times
maybe the first kiss
was a mistake
forcing lips without
a meeting of the minds.
where consent
should be constant
but this won't be like
the last time.
sine the next kiss
will be the first kiss
I am more concerned
About your starry eyes.
Lest the shiny moon,
Adds them to her
Own collection,
In confusion!
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