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Jul 2020 · 1.5k
Fade away
Chandan Shersia Jul 2020
Captivated by the moon
Ignoring what surrounds her she stood
Under the midnight moonlight
Her silhouette shining across the lake
Longing for the moon
She howled to the night sky
Soon a ray of white light travels
Gold rays melting the lilac sky
Streaks of amber spreading through
As the shimmering sun rose high
There was no darkness
All the stars faded from the sky
And just like stars
She fades away gently and softly
As sunshine takes hold of the air
Jul 2020 · 604
Dream or Reality?
Chandan Shersia Jul 2020
Waking up to place
Faraway from home
Meeting new faces
While I roam on my own

Sound of silence
Palpable in nature
Singing a melody
Like flowers growing in a bomb crater

Its a dream or reality?
For I don’t know
But I wish its a dream
That waits for me to arrive
For I want the world to know
That’s where I will hide
Nov 2018 · 160
Chandan Shersia Nov 2018
All I see when I look at life
Is a parallel world different from mine
A world of wonders
Of love, happiness and joy
Celebrating happiness
At every point of time
Look out at the ocean
So vast and blue
Waves singing
The Heaven’s song for you
Reach out your hand
To touch the tiny flashlights
Hanging on a thread
From the Heaven’s floor
Close your eyes
And let the feeling grow
Fly to a place and
Forget about the world around you
Our parallel worlds
Are never meant to meet
But we’ll race along
To the lap of eternity
Oct 2018 · 118
When Words Fail
Chandan Shersia Oct 2018
Once, in a long while,
I go somewhere new in my mind,
Where all my words fail,
And utopia takes its place.

Paradise and blue summer skies,
Gold that lies behind the eyes,
Beauty that the nature possess
Which my words fail to express
Oct 2018 · 1.2k
After all this time?
Chandan Shersia Oct 2018
We met years ago, I remember it well.
The past is past, we musn’t dwell.
As soon as i met you, I instantly fell.
After all this time, I remember it well.

Your eyes sparkle just like then,
When we used to be the best of friends.
You were a Gryffindore, I was a Slytherine,
We drifted apart, it was a matter of time.

I couldn’t save you from a terrible fate,
I hate myself every minute for that day.
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
Love leaves a memory no one can steal!

I am a huge potterhead. And i wrote this poem because of Snape’s unconditional love for Lily.

— The End —