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lily Sep 2019
Those old town roads
They are still the same
Muddy,uneven and rough
Those musty memories
They are still the same
Gloomy,blue and harsh
Don't ask me why
Don't ask me for any
Reasons,Oh darling!
Just breath in
The lies and darkness
Of withered flowers of old times
When you stepin
And the beauty of crumpled promises
Lying dead along those shabby roads
Where you took my hands
And walked…
The roads of this old town...
It's been a long time since I've last posted....hope you all are doing fine!!!
lily Jan 2019
who stole all these colours
emerald,midnight, amaranthus
off the canvas and left it dull
lost and alone
"rainbows ,what a colorful mess"
old quotes said to impress kids
it's a hopeless world
inside my mind
aspirations and inspirations
scattered into pieces with no lights of hopes or wishes
lost hopes I inhale
emptiness is oozing from my gaze
when I stare to see
where my world
lily Jul 2018
In the bleeding twilight
that dripped down like nectar
and fell like summer dews
and honey dusted petals,
before the emerald washed meadows
under the moonlit ecstacy
could caress my lungs,
murmuring sweet nothings
with warm breath caressing
rose blushed cheeks,
orange pink gazes
igniting rosy flames of love,
dearest, your warmth
that smelled of fresh lisianthus
in the baby shades of the
first sun lights of the early dawn
just disappeared as the autumn breeze
stealing my heart away with it
in the bleeding twilight
that blew past,
soaking the warmness along…
lily Jul 2018
they spit venom
— past their devilish lips
— the evil
and smile a frown
— on a devastating mask
stare with eyes
— cruel and harsh
speak words so sweet
— soaked in bubbling jealousy
throwing my heart
to an eternal downcast
and stabbing my back
making me kneel;
they laugh a monstrous laugh
piecing my lungs
of love and bond
and forgetting my mind
the blossoming smile
of true friendship…
lily Dec 2017
blossomed periwinkles
with hues of rose
beneath the silver veil
and atop the emerald diamonds
danced with the zephyr
for the dead silence
paiting the coals of darkness
lily Sep 2017
Orange, yellow, brown
Covering the dull gravel ground
Parched so bad
Yet beautiful
Painting the canvas of dreariness
The world
They have fallen
Yet strong enough
To make someone's heart
Scream with joyness
Cheer up an empty soul.
They'll crunch weakly
When black boots step on them;
The'll rustle along with the breeze
When the heartless wind pick up;
But why...
Did they fall?
Did they give up?
"They're dead leaves child"
Said her mom
Bending closer to her ear
A faint smile painted
The latter's parted lips
Agaped due to the beauty
Of the painted canvas
Right beneath her...
"Mom...I love them"
She mumbled
Letting her small feet step away
From the heavenly canvas of
Dead leaves....
  Jun 2017 lily
Nathan Tuy
The midnight sky is dark;dark as a bottomless pit.
But I wonder if it would be as dark as that darkness that's been residing in my soul

I can hear the voices wispering in my head. I can hear them singing. Or are they screaming? I think I'd never know.

The knives are sharp. They cut holes in my heart. It bleeds everytime it beats. It hurts even when I'm asleep.

I feel the walls closing in. I know its only a matter of time before they crush my soul. I tried to stop them but who am I to have the power to do so?

I cannot breathe. The shadows of reality are smothering me. My lungs are filling up with black waters. I can feel my life fade away as I drown in sorrow.

There used to be light inside my eyes. They used to sparkle with hope. Now all I can see are two black souless holes when I look in the mirror.

"Will this ever end?", I wonder,"Will there ever be a way out?" Maybe the pain is the key to the door. Maybe this is a stepping stone. Or maybe this is how it's supposed to end.
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