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charlotte Mar 2016
Legend has it that if you press your ear to the side of a tree, you can hear the whispers of people that once loved you. I hope my voice resonates throughout your bones.
charlotte Dec 2014
I could say a lot of things about you , but if I were to write out the songs that make me cry you would see that it is you.

It was you two years ago, and it's still you and I am so ******* terrified that it will always be you.
i still ******* love you
charlotte Oct 2014
and maybe it isn't desperation until you're wide awake at 2:41am, crying and gasping for air as you find yourself carving metaphors into your skin in the dark
charlotte Oct 2014
today in biology class my teacher told us that when your heart beats faster and more irregularly, your heartstrings literally tug on your chest, causing your heart to hurt.

now I understand why my heart always hurt at the thought of you holding another girl.

but what I don't understand is that given the way you make me feel, why my heart hasn't started to bleed yet.
charlotte Oct 2014
3:21pm, Day 779;

I've recently found out that there are 100,000 stars in our galaxy alone. I've always been fascinated by the sheer expanse of space and I can't help but wonder if soulmates are really just two stars that will always find themselves drawn towards each other, no matter how brightly the other 99,998 stars are.
charlotte Oct 2014
the average person can only remember 60% of what happened to them the previous day but I can still recall the way my hands lingered on your back and how it took me the whole night to muster up the courage to approach you and the way I couldn't stop smiling and I guess all I want to say is that I still feel the same as I did months ago

— The End —