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CGB Oct 2016
The clouds are passing quickly
Too fast to say hello
The world is rushing past me
And I'm still stuck in slow-mo
  Oct 2016 CGB
emily mikkelsen
I want to see you when you wake up
hair a mess & weary eyes
I want to hear your scratchy morning voice
watch you struggle to stay awake
I want to see the sunlight creep slowly across your body
watch your eyes flutter open
I want to wake up with you
  Oct 2016 CGB
Mike Hauser
are you one of yesterday's broken
or at least bent out of shape
does tomorrow have you hoping
that today will go away

have you considered this a lesson
in spite of the troubles made
it doesn't take a detective
to see the blessings that it gave

turning you from the direction
of a full blown catastrophe
changing your whole life's perception
to that of a greater need

where today will be a treasure
tomorrow, something to look forward to
and yesterday can be finally laid to rest
along with the worries holding you
CGB Oct 2016
sometimes the only thing
that keeps me going is the sunrise.
most mornings, I wake up and my
first thought is that I wish I hadn't, and
nothing is going the way I wish it would.
but then I see the sunlight piercing through
holes in the clouds and all of the colors
fading together as if the brush strokes
had just been wiped away, and I
feel as if my lungs are being inflated with oxygen for the first time,
and I feel as if everything is going to turn out okay.

*I feel like that when I see you, too.
it was supposed to be kind of shaped like a sun peeking over a horizon but that didn't turn out so well lol
CGB Oct 2016
for any meaning to flow through my fingertips
or for flowery words to pass my lips
it seems I must experience a personal apocalypse
or lose myself in romantic feelings' grips

falling apart, my world crumbles
each breath I take, a catastrophic stumble
my motivation hardly mumbles
my brain maintains a senseless jumble
and the words seep through my pores

falling in love, my world glows
each breath I take, my jubilance grows
my motivation never slows
my brain maintains a continual flow
and the words seep through my pores

so which is it today?
well who's to say?
maybe it all sounds too cliche.
at least I'm writing anyway.
"I write best when I am either falling in love or falling apart."
-Rudy Francisco
CGB Jun 2016
I want you to know
But I don't want to tell
I want you to hear
But I don't want to speak
I want you to see
*But I don't want to show
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