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CG Abenis Oct 2012
My yesterdays were happiness
Today is pain
Tomorrow I still have heartaches
But next days or months will be the end of my days of rain
CG Abenis Oct 2012
You smiled at me; so mind blowing
It always ran inside my head;
Each day and night when we're together,
You never failed me; you gave me that smile
again as I expected.

But your phone beeped once, then twice, then thrice
I saw you smiling but a bit different
My heart sank to the ground,
I **** was jealous.

Your smile was a bit different,
More meaningful and cuter,
You never gave that to me,
Yes, you never did.
You never did.

Later I found out, it was from your girlfriend.
CG Abenis Oct 2012
My heart desired a heart that loves,
a heart that cares more than a lust,
It didn't care of a happy start,
My heart's a filthy, selfish heart.

It takes and breaks someone else's dream
It binds the shadows,
It makes you scream,
My heart is wicked, dark and stingy,
My heart's a filthy, selfish heart.

It steals, it breaks, it makes you cry
It destroys relationship,
It makes you die
Just to get what it desires
My heart's a filthy, selfish heart.
CG Abenis Oct 2012
A heart that is fooled,
Is a heart that continues loving in the form of hate.
CG Abenis Oct 2012
Hypnotized by thine eyes
Under your spell I was lured
Amazed by your tempting voice
And in your arms I felt secured;
You caught my heart with your bait,
You made me beg you to stay
And now that you totally caught your prey
Here I fall down on my knees,
Left behind and broken.
CG Abenis May 2012
Since the day I left you my mind
drifts away each day
and I don't know, I don't understand
'cause my heart and my brain
never stop arguing.
and since the day that I left
your memories always haunt me,
making me remember everything that
we did in every step of our way.

I was too weak and I felt that I'm
no good for you,
I even think I don't deserve to tell you
I love you
'cause with what I did
everyday is a shattered glass
'cause everyday, I know I break your heart.

I wanted to come back to you
but I would be selfish if I do,
'cause I know your not the kind of man
I'm going to marry,
Definitely not you
'cause though I love you,
I don't think that we're meant for each other,
And this is the reason why I left you.
CG Abenis May 2012
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