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aisha zoë Feb 10
so has been the comfort of the dial tone
where I hang my hopes as if I were
a body in the grass somewhere golden
I hang them on your voice as if your voice
       was something solid;
I am tethering everything to your voice,
with stubborn determination
your smile so aphrodisiac, the edges of your eyes
       speaking volumes
suggesting close intimacy so claustrophobic
to unite; the reocurrence is vespertine
and I ache! - for you are missing, missing,
gone from here,
     where you should be
and to anticipation I owe an ode for there is much
to be said about yearning, yearning
growing desperately impatient for the edge
of your neck somewhere close to my mouth
        where I so need it
to sing an ode to your body; electric in impulse
to spill, every yellow secret of mine, every shade
of blue and red and golden; yours to keep forever
you love me (!) as if insanity weren't a thing we were
taught to fear;
       I am found at last
(and by their standards I am so premature to utter::
I see eternity on the sand of time
how to describe the blind white scorching light
       I intend to follow
to the ends of the earth and beyond? )
febuary 9, 2019
6:02 a.m
aisha zoë Jan 29
to dreams inside that mind of yours
so impossibly aligned
still when you speak of us together I;
I seem to lose my mind-
once silent, then spoken, now sacred
we trace these coloured lines
of space and time in which
we now are intertwined

to dreams inside these minds of ours
that we gather in our heads
to go wherever you may be
and call that home instead;
from stormy shores to mountain tops
to wake up in your bed
to draw a line from yours to mine
a single golden thread

to dreams inside that mind of yours
to these visions that I share
I can see exactly what you mean
when you talk of home somewhere
1:28 a.m
Tuesday January 29, 2019
aisha zoë Jan 29
once more, it seems;
so soft I have become
and the day be that I hold you
cannot come soon enough

and so impatience swallows me
I cannot whisk away
this bittersweet frustration
eats at me everyday

let time, warped and troublesome
let it hurry by;
that I may hold my gaze in yours
and trace your lips with mine
12:39 a.m
January 29 2019
aisha zoë Jan 12
yo no me hago humo
no me desvanezco
no se acaba el mundo
al dar sin recibir
ni me sentí pequeñita
a sus pies
moradas mis rodillas
como botones de flores
morada el aura
humeda y palpitante
ruido de saliva
ruido de sudor
bocas sobre bocas
como montañas sobre montañas
como los dedos de sus pies
se enchinan y se retuerce
me encanta tenerlo tan cerca
que se empieza a hacer polvo
por la euforia y por mi boca
música de sonidos mojados
música de su aliento profundo
obscuro como un tambor primitivo
nos lleva a un lugar donde
todo tiene sentido
dice que es como el cielo
que no quiere que me detenga
el mundo se hace de humo
con inercia sudamos juntos
su piel se derrite
y estoy mas cerca de él
2015 (?)
aisha zoë Oct 2018
I can't remember where my hands were
when I felt your urgency. I think perhaps
I held them to your face like I've held my eyes
to your face for two years now, you reject this
and I in innocence cannot see why
I don't know where my hands were;  
two hidden rattlesnakes I am given away,
I felt inertia over me like water and I was water
while we kissed and my mind was a blank
stretch of canvas and I could think of nothing
but your tongue and your smell and the slippery path
we decided to take that afternoon I could not say no
when I heard your breath get torn from you like instinct, I was
so convinced, oh no, it was the breath coming
so heavy from somewhere in your throat from your
throat to my throat to your eyes which were everywhere
oh god, you were everywhere I could not escape you
and I was so blissfully lost on your neck then your lips then
on your hands which were everywhere all over me like lace  
I could not evade it; you said it was destiny that is ever so playful;
destiny that mocks us so, as if it was written somewhere
in a language we cannot understand oh but I understand now

I wanted to feel your body that was new and unknown
and separate from me and oh so so lovely and everywhere
and I turn to see you and your hands are on my back
on my stomach tracing lines that make me shiver so swell
and something good inside my chest I could not remember
I have not done this in so long I cannot remember; this almost feels
like the first time. And I am so scared, the good kind
that makes me want to touch your tongue with mine and
tell you everything, I am so anxious dear God, oh God
I am a child again in your arms I learn everything from
nothing. Your body is so new to me it’s all so new to me
your body surrounds me, I am lost you are everywhere and
all around me everywhere I turn it is your eyes we are there in
an intermediate place. A purgatory of sorts, and you play me
between your fingers knowing oh so well I love it,
I laugh because I love it so, yes I have signed the paper
stating my death and you the executioner, with consent on our
sides and I at your feet at your mercy, on my knees
I let you hurt me and you do it so gently

were that my wish was to make you feel even half as good as
I feel right now: impossible. You reject me and I in innocence
cannot see why.  But once again oh I am so blind
I am a child, we touch each other you touch my ******* you
you kiss my ******* you kiss me we kiss I kiss you
right where the world starts or ends I have so many
pictures of you now your head thrown back they are burned into
my eyes. I play them back; I see you there in the room where it
happened; somewhere outside it is raining very softly and I
cannot remember much else but this:
I chew you with my mouth with your mouth over my mouth
my eyes open; I am not lost but I cannot find you
I am only half a fool I am so vulnerable and you always know
exactly what to say: I let you hurt me and you do it so gently
for a moment I believe it is something other than pain
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