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 Apr 2015 Queen Cee
Who can hate a Rose? For when it was younger,
with rows full of petals arose from its slumber.
Awakened to blossom. It's beauty exposed.
I dare not impose, but you can't hate a Rose.

Who hates the Sunflower that shines by the hour?
Though small in her stature, enormous in power.
Humble in appearance but where the wind blows,
The Sunflower goes and the Sunflower grows.

Who can hate a Daisy? Well they must be crazy!
When lost in your smile, I don't try to escape.
Contained in your maze I would gaze in amazement.
This radiant Daisy brightens my Day.

Who can hate a Tulip? Well they must be foolish.
My two lips are silent whenever yours speak,
and I must confess this is more than suggestion
It would be Majestic if these Tulips meet.
 Apr 2015 Queen Cee
I wonder
how many words
have sat on the tip
of your tongue,
waiting to take the plunge
into the world outside,
but have held back
in fear of the fall-

and I wonder
how different your life would be
had those words been set free.

— The End —