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Celia Elliot Jan 2015
“I’m a horrible person”
She said with a smile
With a smile in her eyes
In her eyes he could see
He could see the truth
The truth of her soul
Her soul so darkly beautiful

“You’re a horrible person”
He said with a whisper
With a whisper that carried
That carried to the edge
The edge of the world
The world disintegrating
Disintegrating her soul

“You’re both horrible”
Said the world with a cry
With a cry from within
From within came a fire
A fire that burned
That burned with passion
With passion they died
There's a few days
I don't think
About you

Those amount to
A total of two
And one of
Those days
I slept

The other
I was too
to see

Too concentrated
On breathing
To feel
The expanse
Of my heart


What does this mean to you?

More than something

But not enough to make it all go away...
I'm just not sure HOW to stop feeling this way...
Celia Elliot Dec 2014
She wasn’t another outsider at all.
My brief time with her
Taught me how it felt not to be
So desperately alone.
She turned out to feel the same way.
If I let myself,
I could fall into the traps of letting them decide
Who and what I am.
The two of us were drawn well together.
Lingering curiosity about what I had glimpsed
In my dreams months before.
The risk was terrible,
Although I kept fantasizing I saw her
My imagination was playing cruel tricks
Now I’m stained with her blood
In the shape of a cross.
Celia Elliot Dec 2014
The darkness, he called night
And darkness was over the face of the earth
Where are you?
I was afraid.
He said, “I will multiply your pain,
Vengeance shall be taken.”
All flesh died,
The waters prevailed.
The intention of man’s heart is evil.
What is this you have done to me?
Dreadful and great darkness fell upon him.
But I cannot escape to the hills,
Lest the disaster overtake me and I die.
Let me escape and my life will be saved.
Will you **** an innocent people?
Bury your dead.
Let your curse be on me.
Celia Elliot Dec 2014
The fiery heat your touch gives off when our bodies meet.
Never in my life did I think I’d find you.
Sweet separation from the rest of the earth.
I love you, I’ll say it again and again.
When I stare into your eyes, I am content.
Not a care is to be given
About other men
Since I found you
My heart is made whole again.
All I need is you and your touch
Your body and soul is more than enough.
Celia Elliot Dec 2014
Will I forever carry this sadness with me?
Will it forever stream through my veins?
Will the sadness die the day I die,
Or will it continue on even then?

I exhale the sadness
And watch
As it slowly makes its way back
To be inhaled once more.

It’s in my lungs
It’s in my brain
It’s in my heart
It’s in my veins

Creeping up from my fingertips
Spiraling around my arms
Melting into my skin

After all this time
(it’s been so long)
it is now a part of me
as death is a part of life
and night is a part of day.
Celia Elliot Dec 2014
I could never forget
Memories, here to stay
The melody of our love
Running through my veins
Star crossed lovers, we’ve always been
And so it will always stay
Though I cannot have you,
Your name has been written on my heart
Engraved in immovable ink
Forever here to stay
You occupy my mind’s open spaces
Every waking thought
Ever present in my dreams
Your love has touched my heart
Made an unfading imprint in my life
Though you may not be with me ever again
Your light, your presence is here to stay
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