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Be that flower.
I will be that rain.
And watch our love grow.
Be that sunshine.
I will be the rays.
And watch our love glow.

Be the water.
I will be the stream.
And our love will float into a serious thing.
Be the heartbeat.
I will be the sound of it.
And you see the reason we are a serious team.

You be my love.
I will be yours.
And we build this trust deep within us.

There's no other I want me.
There's no other in my life I need.
Be my love.
I will be yours forever
And when they look at us?
They will know why we are together.
If the words I write touch your heart.
They touch mine too.
Cause I love you.

If the kiss I give touch your soul.
They touch mine too.
Cause I adore you.

If anything and everything I do.
Touch the depth of the joy of you.
Then it did the things I was trying to do.

If the tears you cry?
Make me cry.
Then it was meant to be because you deserve to be happy.

If the love you seek?
Is in my hands?
Then reach out to me cause I am your man.

If this
If that
If this
If that is the sign you seek.
Then all the signs of affection are within me.
 Sep 2016 Celeste Nicole Cook
I recall
her lost smile

like a sketch
I draw from my memory

and those days in the rain
laughing, drops

hitting the creek
slow as a dream

until a shadow
fell across the mirror

brushing her hair
in a dark room

like a honeycomb
of sad bees

and double entendres
two lifetimes ago.

The rain has stopped,

the sun is shining bright
in blue September skies

and she is happy,
making the world

a more beautiful place

wherever she smiles
Compact Poem Series
I gave you earth.
I gave you various animals too.
I gave you life mixed with various races.

And still you can't agree to love.

Instead of that you continue to create unwanted wars.

And I watch and watch to see if kindness should be an eradicated thing.

I send you signs of various kinds.
That the universe I  created can be destroyed by my power.
Within a matter of minutes.

And still you can't agree to love.

I, who is God?
Owe you nothing like you owe me.
This you must know.
This you must see.

I, who is God?
Can't be dismissed.
It's time you begin to use common sense.
They ask me, why I smile the way I do?
I point to you.
They ask me what love is?
I point to you.

The world that I'm surrounded by today.
Holds so many wonderful things.
If the sun need a comparison to you.
It be your smile.

It radiate with warmth when ever you around.

If the moon should ever be described.
I would say, it fits that picture of you.

I point to you about love.
I point to you about loving.
I point to you about happiness.
For since I found you.
I found satisfaction.
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