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I love full length mirrors
because I get to see
my body
all of it

I do not love my figure,
I do not love my face.
But when I find a full length mirror
I stare.

I Am God.

I Am God
over this pathetic,

I Am God.

I can stretch
my arms
way over my head
watch my ribs peek through

Fragile, mortal bones.
I could break them
it would hurt.
But I could break them.

I Am God

I picture the lungs beneath
Because I Am God

Blacken, damage
Because I Am God.

I stroke my tummy
flat, muscled.
My thighs
round, soft, pliant
My Choice

Eat these fatty foods
watch the muscle
the muscle that made this body burn
watch it disappear
lose it in new rolls of fat

I Am God

I care not for this body's suffering.
Eat more cancer from this tin can.

I Am God

Inhale more cancer
from these cigarettes.

I Am God

Now crunch. Do 100. Now Run. Faster. Burn. Ache.

I Am A Merciful God.

I do not cut you
I do not make you bleed
But don't for a second
think I cannot
I could
and it would hurt

I Am God.

You, body, are my subject.
I will tear you, pierce you, to decorate you.
Ink you
and alter you
Because I Am God

You supple flesh, you have no say
I will use you
for my pleasure
I will starve you
for my appearance
I will burn you
under the sun
just to see
how many layers
I can peel
before this body
gives up
and is gone.

I Am God

I will inhale this cancer
Until my lungs start to rot

Because I Am God

and I will choose

How You Die.

— The End —