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cecily Aug 2019
It feels like yesterday
when you greeted me a good day
We can hear the raindrops from outside,
yet you still asked me
" is it raining? "

It feels like yesterday
I was smiling the whole day
thinking if you really want an answer
or you just want to talk to this stranger?

Yet you never knew..

that I've  always been attracted to you
and everyday I just want to have a glimpse of you
I admit, I like you

You come at me,
Losing composure,
my heart flutters
I don't know what to do

I feel like I was falling into you
deeply I cannot undo
I thought you would fall for me too
but then one night,
I was staring at nowhere
what happened to you?

What happened to the feelings we knew?
it was there
almost blossoming
but you stop watering

It feels like yesterday
when you greeted me a good day
I can hear the raindrops from outside
and I am asking myself

is it raining...
or is it my eyes ?
Rainy season is coming.
Can't help thinking about nah.
I just realize something.
No one deserves to be just AN ALMOST.
Know thy worth,
Aug 2019 · 149
cecily Aug 2019
I wonder what they wonder
These people same my age
I wonder how they think
Is it deep like my depth?

or maybe
I'm just an old soul
trapped in a young body
shout out to all old souls

— The End —