Ceasar A Sep 2018
somewhere far from wishes and washes of light waves crashing  - --- curves and shores
at moonlight and rough waves,  i sea you float by hummmming,
soothing, swooning, 1920's jazz blues and melodic piano - maybe sad show tunes.
down in the dark, past depths you sea.
i stay down here
im a monster. afraid
but  i can breathe in depths that be.

i've learned to live though.
its actually quite peaceful
not a sound.. not a swim.
just me. floating . and at peace.
I've found restful nights in my solitude. knowing that you're afloat. somewhere. drifting. down below or up high. idk
not too far though.
you'll get your fur wet.

one night, i met the *** of the sea and he asked me if i could have anything what it would be.
well i thought long and hard.
and said

"i wish that no matter where i go, where i float,
how far from sea to sea, that lion on the blue.. her love and heart.  and her stars think of me."

that no matter how many leagues in the sky and sea.
that she looks down at the water - up at the moon. and hums her tunes, thinking one day, that she looks down at me. wondering what love lyes in the darkness that be .
that this krusty krab remains her bearer to be.
a monster to some
but no matter how ****.
remembers every hum and song she's uttered for the sea
its actually quite peaceful
not a sound.. not a swim.
just me. floating
away but never far. that feeling. that be.
Ceasar A Apr 2017
I took the emojis out of your name.
cause the feelings i get in my finger tips
when you text back cant be expressed with measly characters..

SOOOO! Here is a list of all texts ive erased and never hit send too that are just for you..


"i just want to breathe you in like morning air and so as i exhale your name.. stars appear."


"i want to kiss you and taste the next 40 years of my life."


"i want to lay next to you and listen to you open your up your heart,
and no, my ears will not skip a beat.
and really i feel 8 again. i want to jot down yes, no, or maybe to you being just mine. cause ******* you make me feel young.

and being 8 again ill steal my mamas rings just ONE MORE TIME and make sure that i find you in this worlds playground cause if u like it. you kno u gotta put a ring on it. haha

AND I KNOW little boys have spent too much time playing kickball with your heart.
So Sip my soul please, ill bring you juice box joys.
ill cut off the crust off your sandwich and make sure your breads right.
ll make you school girl giddy,
so please, take this,
its not much,.
but its solitude,
*im sending my heart thru this text, no emoji.

ill study the angles of you angel
ill trace the structure of your heart and wings
and ask you how did you got so fly?
and whoever made you fall out of heaven ****** up
let me un-dust your knees and mend your mental wounds.
cause i know its a trip that your hearts taken a beating.
and my voice being ice,
ill sooth youu
and my soul.
ill move youu
& our flowers, with grow. in full bloomm.

ill whisper sweet nothings to your insecurities.
ill love everyone of your negative thoughts
cause your worth it.
and i repeat.
holding you by both your cheeks.. i repeat
you are worth it..

and ill remind you everyday that you deserve to feel fourthgrade feelings of love. my hearts an open house for you. 
 and well run free under cedar trees and ill hold your hand for eternity.

and ill do everything your ex boyfriend was afraid to do, like trust you..
Ceasar A Jan 2017
hi, my name is ceasar...
and your name is?

searching behind comets and dreams i spend my nights thinking  about what your name is and where have you been all my life.

its Monday morning  now and i see you around campus almost everyday, your friends know you. and i wish i knew you. but you have no idea i exist...

but i think your absolutely stunningly gorgeous.
i walk by you everyday, gazing upon your beautiful face.....


from a comfortable 30 feet away! lol that way i dont look creepy or anything.

and my ***... dont the back of your beautiful *** head look good!!!!
with your luscious hair lookin like you belong you belong on a damnnnn garnier fructis commercial... mmmmhm

but seriously.. now im walking 25 feet away from you , and i really really really just wish i knew your name..

and find out what kind of movies you enjoy,
what kind music you like,  
and if you honestly, just wake up that beautiful...

-5 months now-

today i decided to take a step forward and walk just 15 feet away from you. and now im pretending to look at my phone because i wouldnt want to be caught dead looking. jesus you look good..
can i just say that your face looks so cute with your hair curled.
i just wanna get lost flowing down each and every curl.

but todays the day..

todays gonna be the day i finally go up to you and find out what your name is.. and ****.. i cant believe it.

10 feet away

youre ****** ceasar! you shouldn't be doing this! its gonna go horrible!

8 feet now ..

whats the worst thats gunna happen?

7 feet now .
but i mean.. what if it goes great..

what if her voice and name is as perfect as you imagined it being..
and maybe just maybe..
she might actually have noticed you before.
i mean this is all in head. but maybe....

6 feet now..

5 feet now..

4 feet now..
and now My hearts racing faster than its ever been.  
deep breathe now.. you got this Ceasar

3 feet away from you....
and you turn around..
YOU turn around..
and say..

"Hi" with a beautiful-bright-breathtaking smile...

and with a cute laugh...
staring at the ground..
YOU say...

"i think ive seen you around,  What's your name?" :)
your name
Ceasar A Dec 2016
Join me on the moon,
We will sip each others souls and get lost in each others grooves

im falling..
Let me rise with youuuuuu
cause this sunrise seems prettier standing next to you
No more dark side of moon
Content with your hand.
& soft serve yogurt for twoooooo

My dreams lay beside you.
with magic lips, ill promise you the moon
my pride now lies with you
Ill dance  by your side with nothing but the truthhhhh..
i sit amongst planets
I know journeys to Venus aren't real soon
but our suns will be here soon
Our seeds will sing our tune
And if we die
we can make dinner plans on cloud 9,
just us twoooooooo

Our baby song birds will loom.
And we will fly for eternity boooooo.

We will stay watching over the 2
our seeds are going to bloom
We will see them in a fewww

let them carry our tune.
you're my museeeeeee
was listening to some songs and felt the need to write as if i was the person in love with his wife and his full expression of the love they share and there future kids.
Ceasar A Jun 2016
your tummy ache
tender touches
work wonders.
cure crutches
your forehead kisses makes the kid in me curl
coddle and cling

rolled up, i were my heart on my sleeves,
slowed up,
unbuttoned, i lend hands for needs  

like if you need help reaching new heights, ***, or the top self..

i ponder adam and eve...

and wonder if eve was adams goddess to be.

his goddess of leaves..

draped in cloths of
& tender loving for me..

thats my baby to be.
and i cant wait to hurry home,
and hope shes awake,

so i could tell her shes a dollop of daisys to me.

so we can join hands,
so i pray at her feet..
*** or goddess. shes done more than be faithful to me.
and i preach..
hes done more and shes done more,
that be faithful for me.

so i faithfully bring..

to all of you

and hope your days
are fresher than a caprisun
or a cup of angels tea
Ceasar A Dec 2015
a breeze
a warm vibe of tropical delight,
and there isn't a need for verbal symmetry to define amazing tendency's
the bees knees
 the wind lifts her spirits
waves of emotion.
collide with strengths,
and move mountains.
           beautiful erosion..
Ceasar A Nov 2015
I fucken hate that i love you
And i cant stand that you're perfect.

Call it a car crash of emotions but i want to intersect with you .
Whenever i am next to you
And call it a car crash of emotion cause
Every time i lay eyes on you my heart,
It starts traveling at speeds
That seem
To be
And call it a car crash of emotions cause one second it can be a..
a clash of emotions that tongue twist and state words that burn more than saber scorns.

And another
It can be a
Im so glad that out of everyone ive met in my life
Ive found mines.
A "ive been waiting for you for whole life"
and my finger tremble as i sulk those words in
my body gets chills as the next 40 years pass before my eyes,

Since first date first depths
A black and white birth and death
The birth of we
and the end of who we used to be.

So call it a car crash of emotions but i can say this..
when we collide.

Its a beautiful disaster.
and we dance to Syrians.
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