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Ciel 5d
Stop comparing your pain to others'
Stop comparing your successes to others'
Stop comparing your life to others'
Stop comparing and start living.
This poem was inspired by the quote: "Comparison is the thief of joy".
Ciel 7d
Her beauty was almost sinful,
but taking my eyes off of her
would have been blasphemous.
Ciel Feb 7
I got tired of waiting for you
to write a poem about me
So I did it myself.
Ciel Feb 5
I salute all the parents who sacrificed everything
to ensure a better life for their kids.
I feel for the kids that are constantly told they do not belong.
I celebrate the courage of the families who sought a new beginning.
I stand behind the immigrants, and the refugees,
Behind those who were brave enough to make a choice
and those who did not have one,
I stand by the kids who fight for a better future.
Those who claim a country that refuses to recognize them.
I stand by those who dared to dream.
Ciel Feb 5
I feel a sharp pain in my chest;
A numb pain.
I gasp for air that seems to not be there.
I let out a scream,
But I cannot hear a thing.
My vision gets blurry.
I cannot think.
Silence. Cold. Numbness.
Has the pain disappeared?
Has the world stopped?

Are you there?
Can you hear my voice?
Can you feel my pain?
Do you see my tears late at night
As I reminisce our times together?

Please tell me why.
Why did you have to leave me?
Why am I not able to feel anymore?
Why is the world still spinning?
Am I the only one whose heart is chained?

How I wish you were still here
To answer all my questions,
To guide me through this labyrinth that is life.
Two summers ago,
you went back home.
You are now at peace but
I would give the world to have more time with you
An hour, a minute, or even a second.
Just enough time for a hug, a kiss,
an ultimate “je t’aime” and a last “bonne nuit”.

You were my first and eternal love.
My teacher, mentor and kindest critic.
You have always been my guardian angel.
From you, I learned to walk, swim and dance
But the greatest lesson you ever taught me
Was to forgive others and believe in myself.
You held my hand as I took my first steps,
Taught me to use my brain instead of my fists.
Your intelligence, faith and dedication
Were often the source of my admiration.
You dimmed me “Queen of my heart”,
And no one shall ever take that title away from me.
My conviction and passion,
My two most prized qualities,
Are nothing but a reflection
Of your great education.

Although my heart aches,
my mind is at ease
knowing that you are finally free.
A few months from now,
I will be starting a new chapter of my life.
One that terrifies me,
But I know you are by my side.
I hope that when you look down upon me,
All you feel is pride.
I cannot deny the pain I feel
But the joy of your memory is far greater.
I have found myself doubting my faith lately,
But for the sake of potentially seeing you again ,
I am willing to believe.
Ciel Feb 5
Here's to our days spent swimming at the mills.
Here's to the snow days we wasted playing mafia.
Here's to the lame dances we attended just to complain.
Here's to the weird discussions we had at the dinner table.
Here's to the random snaps we sent in the groupchat.
Here's to the countless movies that we watched on Friday nights.
Here's to the arguments, screams and middle fingers.
Here's to the sleepovers, drunken mistakes and morning regrets.
Here's to the inside jokes, "***"s and ****** decisions.
Here's to the friendships that helped us grow.
Here's to the unforgettable moments that marked these past years.
Here's to us.
this poem is dedicated to my best friends as we get ready to graduate and move on to the next chapter of our lives
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