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CC Arshagra Apr 2014
Free falling through eyes wide open
As the wind of alive fills the room of life
A piano nearby listens
Dreaming in the key of flesh
All the silence in the world moves here
The heart of risking nothing and everything at once lifts time
Fear cannot ever fly this high to see you in the other without guise
Fright has too many masks and no way to remove them
****-time is gravity’s secret gift to those who only dance with true abandon
Beings unafraid of fiery tears laughing and wanderlust exposed
No other way home
Every moment is dying
On lips that live within words and the whispers of thoughts stir
Everything said and heard contains the death of afraid now
Every soul step closer is leaving all clocks behind
The first kiss can wait forever
For it has already caressed complete naked honesty
We shiver

To never harm how all love is sacred
© Copyright April 2014 C.C. Arshagra
press22publishing (unpublished work)
From the manuscript “Nothing Lies Between Us” / "In The Key of Flesh" (pending)
From the manuscript series “The Integrity of ****** Poetry"
CC Arshagra Nov 2013
Wait's blame to the weigh
     of air not in the sky's beyond
And more for the one last breath within you
     traveling less and full of empty wonder

Going home

To the end of harm's questions waiting
     for the next breath to be last again
Going homeward into mystery is un-possessed
     where soul stands laughing in the silence of love's go

© Copyright November 22nd, 2013 C.C. Arshagra
CC Arshagra Nov 2013
Here comes the hug unto your soul
The vibe & feel
Touched listening ~ Flow
To ‘You’ are not the ‘All’ alone
To ‘We ‘are song to be & sing
The flight of world & round of being
The common die of day & night
The creative here of every dawn
The one of every wrong divine
As mirrors of waters show just why
How honest each lie lasts till done

While closing-down dominions’ won
To befriend the land & sky
While all must kiss our flesh good-bye
Why ‘do not fear’ as dying lives
To take not life from giving is
All the time in Laughers' way
All the way thought hatred's end
Every time no blame begins
By every sin that judgment fuels
What world of “all’ to be your fears

And still the world befriends you dwell
While alone with brain you think to chew
On every act of global peace
Till lost is cause for bubble's pop
What now if ‘All' your history lied

Here comes the hug unto your soul
The vibe, & feel
Touched listening
The ‘You’ are not of ‘All’ alone
The ‘We’ of song
To be & sing
The flight of world & round of being

© Copyright November 22nd, 2013 C.C. Arshagra
CC Arshagra Nov 2013
"1st Hello Poetry poem posted by C.C. Arshagra"

The heart is clear, and the blame unreal
The mirror is
too… the pool reflects you
Your world to ripple to the touch

The moving still beneath the breathing
Thoughts grasp lungs to hold the air
The fault-line’s severing; ‘Is’ releasing

All the windy while long 

By exhalations’ dusk of time
The inhalations dawn and share

For lightness never parted now

A truth too bare
the trust was here

The honesty perhaps --too naked

And so the real of mind and reason
Enemies of songs you’ve written
Melodies of harm composed
By the very world you have conducted
To befriend your hands are now creating
The universe of all applauding
Every silent moment’s rest

Oh what … now chokes your heart’s become
And who has in the end been no one
Ever loved you as you are
Ever remained by your side
To never ever-judge the world whole
Or live to birth no fault or blame
Or ploy away the friendship

Your soul awaits the hug you’ve long for

© Copyright November 12th, 2013 C.C. Arshagra
from the yet to be determined unpublished manuscript series/project/book
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— The End —