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Sep 2015 · 454
Lost Generation
Chris Bev Sep 2015
I'm scared of the musical taste of this generation.
Now I don't need to haste, with this music.
Cuz I know I have the power to abuse this.
But I'll rather be a nuisance.
And setup an intrusion.
Clear up all the pollution.
Cuz the youths minds are polluted.
Caring more about possessions.
As their minds unknowingly possessed.
Magicians got u hypnotized.
And I criticize, every single lie.
**** people who can't sympathize with this generation.
Thoughts of the day while on Twitter
Aug 2015 · 320
Today's Extravagnza
Chris Bev Aug 2015
Where are we going?
What is for real?
Look inside my heart and u feel the chills.
It's a cold world we live in.
Filled with many villains.
And the heroes don't triumph.
And we give too much attention to Donald Trump.
Feels like were destroying what we built.
Trying to be above the influence like I'm standing on stilts.
I'm trying to change the game like I'm Wilt.
Until the end of my time I'm going to try to answer.
The question of our true existence in other stanzas.
Today's youth is caught up in a fake extravaganza.
Just my thoughts as I sit in class. Be blessed.
Jul 2015 · 364
Daily Circumstances
Chris Bev Jul 2015
I got fired last night, the devil tryna take my life.
I think I'm going back to Christ.
Cuz the ******* stealing my thoughts.
So I just purchased a cross, from Ross.
Cuz remember I got fired.
Spent the next severely weeks tryna get hired.
Success is what I desire.
Everyday wake up tired and exhausted.
My soul is busted.
My soul is like a combustion.
Forget about my homies man, I found out I couldn't trust them.
Asked for a place to stay, they asked if I'm selling my J's away.
Until this day, ain't nothing the same.
Lord I get it.
You break a man down, so he knows to stay.
Jesus been paved the way.
I struggle with lots of things, however what all really matters?
Just a story I made up to display the struggles one can endure.
The struggles can overtake what really matters after everything and that's the Lord Jesus Christ.
Jul 2015 · 313
3 AM Pacific Time
Chris Bev Jul 2015
I realize how lonely I am.
And alcohol and ****** pleasures become my best friend.
I wonder when all of it will end.
I wonder will I see the sun (son) again.
Cuz everything is so dark and disgusting.
It keeps me wondering.
I wonder.
Will I live a full life.
Or throw my life away tonight.
I don't what I'll do tonight.
Cruising around the city will do right.
I wonder how this affects my relationships.
Torment in my head.
I wonder.
If I will ever get out in time.
I keep lookin behind.
I wonder if I'm too distracted.
Am I too cocky?
I wonder am I living right.
It's hard to believe in it.
God I need u.
This music will help.
Details, more details.
I wonder how long I'll continue to wear this disguise.
Just thoughts I had real late a few nights ago.
Jul 2015 · 563
The Greatest "High"
Chris Bev Jul 2015
The feeling of ecstasy.
That feeling when ur next to me.
Our bodies touch, I must be floating on a cloud.
U make me feel aroused.
I'm so high and I'm never coming down.
This Angels got my heart.
This was the plan for the start.
I'm from a different planet, but u done make me apart.
Of ur ways.
I prayed for better days.
But now I'm cool, like Fonzi on happy days.
Hey, what more can I say.
I'm faded by ur love.
Ur scent is so intoxicating.
Ur smile so breathless.
My addictions lose, when I'm with u.
They say the variety the better.
But with u, ain't no one better.
U belong on the the cover of variety.
Ur radiant skin, on display for the world.
The world in my hands, I'll take u wherever.
Rome, Paris. Whatever.
It may take a few years but we'll be there together.
Cuz I feel (eiffel tower) for u.
U had me leanin (tower of Pisa).
Couldn't get myself together, u picked up the pieces.
But ur love was so sweet, like I'm eating Hershey's kisses.
Ur worth it all. I'll even pay ur tuition.
Me and you together.
We will always pass.
But these love stories ****.
So I guess it's f**k u.
A metaphor of being on drugs, it all feels good till the end when ur back to reality.
Just like a new relationship, it all starts good until things get hard and then you call it quits and become enemies.

— The End —