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Feb 24 · 583
caz Feb 24
the human race:

divided between male, female, neither

yet why do i not identify as either?

instead i am a combination of all,




the sight of myself in my mirror makes me want to puke.




undeniably, irrevocably,


"you're so pretty!"

the thought makes my skin crawl.

she, her, hers,

never fit me at all.

maybe i could be male,

yet that does not feel right either.

he, him, his,

makes the skin on my bones fit a little bit better.

maybe i could be neither?

yet that still does not feel quite right.

they, them, theirs,

about as fitting as an overgrown sweater.

i identify with all of them,

but all at different times.

makes me feel better,

knowing that i'm not a new find.
wrote this on a particularly dysphoric day. hope you enjoy it! :)

— The End —