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Cathy E Hodgson Jul 2014
Softly Tenderly

Shh, shh, whispers sing gently
Heart quickens in rhythm and rhyme
Softly tenderly held in whispered lips
Traveling to heavens pearl gate divine

Shh, shh, don’t say a word
I hear your heart with mine
Softly, tenderly singing our rhyme
Our golden canopy fingers entwined

Glistening smooth skin savoring touch
Breezy window ruffles our climb
Softly, tenderly kissing finger tips
Together eternally two hearts that chime

© cat hodgson
Cathy E Hodgson Jul 2014
The music begins with a
soft almost inaudible sound.
Soft as the breath of a baby
even and almost a whisper

Building to a quiet
but steady pump, pump
the sound goes on,
like a heart in pulse.

My spirit is lifted
to that of a bird on a perch
at the top of the nest..

The music takes a melody
swaying to and fro.
Like sailing a gentle sea
then with a buildup
of the sounds

My soul is lifted
I slight from this perch
wings are spread.
The wind adds a push!

Soaring to the music
with these imagined wings
Lost in the spirit of it all

I see a door that is open.
The music takes me
spiraling forward.
A magnificent pace!

The light from the door illuminates
so that it is round about me,
but far still.

The music has brought me here
in spirit.
The Joy, Kinship, Love.
Beyond words of this world!

For this time,
just a visit.
But someday
for all time!

© cat hodgson
Cathy E Hodgson Feb 2014
When night visits on tomorrow’s threshold
Dreams waver to sway with a gentle breeze
Storms in the distant clash with lightening
Green is hidden by stormy gray shadow

Earth moves with full moon in tow
Beaconing the sunlight to whisper
Oh yes, Enchantment endears wonders
Mysteries of love grow on a divine path

Harp is in tune with her enchanted finger tips
Spreading a song beyond in clear dew skies
Apple tree blossoms in spring with her coaxing
Birthing fruit of the earth, wrestling to belong

Darkness waivers to hold, sun kisses horizon
Sleep yawn takes shore with spuming echoes
Brightness blinds a seagull twinkling eye
Night is vanished as the Morning Whispers

© Cathy Hodgson
Cathy E Hodgson Feb 2014
Delusion in slumber a fantasy
Near did someone love me?
Fingers soothed my sleep warmed skin
Sending a message of what could have been

Passionate yearning in this dream
Have me embracing a slumbered sleep
Wishing to turn off the aching light
Of farewell words caught in the night

Yet in the light of mortal iniquity
Oh the hurt, is it free?
Turbulent torment rendering passion
Waiting heavens true implementation

Muttering mind needs another dose
Pull me back a whispering host
Slumber rest my sodden brow
Yet let me sleep away the hour

Shakespeare ghost haunts my toil
With parting sorrow on sweet soil

© Cat
Turbulent Shakespeare passion lovers
Cathy E Hodgson Feb 2014
Aurora sprinkle my morning wither warm dew
Call your lover to play the day through
Whisper Sol a meadow with cloudless day
Playfully tumbling with hair in the way

Luna will take hold when the sky turns blue
While Sol he saunters where the hearts true
Tithonus your play mate turns wrinkled rubber
His feat he’ll hop the meadow on legs like lubber

Beauty unbiased is more than nature’s surface
Treasured are you when you find your purpose
Tales they wither with the fusionism facades
Poetry of heart last extensive into decades

© Cathy Hodgson 14
Goddess Aurora
Cathy E Hodgson Feb 2014
time slowly fades to the other side of earth
even morality is derived from youthfulness
where is the shine of midnight by silence
do you know foot print is still by the sea

amber fire burns the night sky by wish
the wind tares blowing with gusty ambiance
bones tremble shattering by wails of misery
forward motion importable, standing still

oh, why is the sunshine hiding its light
the moon may lose its own balance and fall
sated flower echoes in mirrored waves
identifiable lure is attraction of gravity

substantiation falls without light of image
foliage falters from the branch withering
unfulfilled dreams drift by shift of desire
the light fades with the ebbing tide by night...

Inspired by a friend  

Cathy E Hodgson Feb 2014
Sweet love, oh my true love
Let me hold you close to my heart
Heavens here, oh right here
Held in my arms tangled warm

Oh sing to me, with angel songs
Breathing warm breath to mine
Dreamy eyes, loving eyes
Skin smooth as the summer dew

Kissing lips, soft warm lips
Openly, I cannot resist
Slowly move closer yet
All forgotten but your touch

Sweet love, oh my true love
Let me hold you close to my heart
Heavens here, oh right here
Held in my arms tangled warm
© cat
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