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Darah Galbraith Sep 2019
the beginning
is spent looking forward
and the end
is spent
wanting to go back
You know how it be sometimes
Darah Galbraith Sep 2019
When I grow up
All I want is more
I want to be a princess
Have princes line up at my door.
I don’t care about a job,
I don’t care about a school,
I just want a castle
in a kingdom where I rule.
In the morning, I’ll wake up,
Solve problems left and right.
I’ll spend my day helping
Until morning turns to night.
I’ll put on a nice dress
Even though I don’t care how I look.
I’ll go to all the dances
Even though I’d rather read a book.
Some people say it’s foolish
To dream of such a time,
But I dream what I want to
Because this dream is mine.
I’ll be a wonderful princess
Just you wait and see,
There will be no other princess
As wonderful as me.
Y’all this could be a childrens book. It kinda sounds like it’s a book that dads would read to their daughter because it’s girly but I intend it more as a commentary about how everyone’s dreams and future plans involve jobs and schools and it bums me out. Why can’t I want to be a princess?
Darah Galbraith Jul 2019
Like the sun that shines in the morning,
and the colour of her laugh.
The colour of the bricks
as Dorothy walks down her path.
The warmth that radiates from her
when she’s having fun.
The colour of the flowers
that turn towards the sun.
When she dances to her favourite song,
it’s the colour of her dress.
It’s the colour that you’re feeling
when she finally says yes.
Yellow is my favourite colour, so I wrote about it. I’m bored of the cynical angst teen crap so it’s time to be happy instead.
Darah Galbraith Jul 2019
You always have your
holier-than-thou attitude.
You always think that you are better,
but really it’s just rude.
Just because you’ve made your choice,
and they’ve made theirs,
doesn’t make you better.
Really no one cares.
Just calm down,
and really think it through.
You can’t choose for them,
you can only choose for you.
So how are you above them,
when you come from different places?
We all have our own story,
our own writing on our pages.
So when you make a choice,
and you think that it’s the right one,
just know that your voice
doesn’t speak for everyone.
Friendly reminder that your choices aren’t always the best for other people, and you don’t get the moral high ground for making a choice that other people cannot make.
Darah Galbraith Jul 2019
I need people to like me
more than I need to be myself.
So I’ll cover it up,
put on a disguise.
I don’t need feelings,
so I’ll shove them deep down.
I’ll put on a mask,
they’ll believe my lies.
Anyone else not actually have a real personality, but instead just act as a combination of things you wish you could see in others?
Darah Galbraith Jul 2019
Welcome to my birthday party!
So far no one’s here.
I’ve sent out invitations,
and made it very clear!
I don’t need any gifts,
really, I am fine.
All I ask
is that I know your birthday,
and you remember mine.
I’m sitting at the table,
waiting for the cake to be done.
Let them eat cake!
But it’s only cake for one.
My birthday is actually in a few days, and people always have a terrible habit of forgetting about it. Of course I can’t actually talk to my friends about it (because confrontation *****), so here I am, complaining to the internet again.
Darah Galbraith Jul 2019
You act
so high and mighty.
You look down
at everything you see.
Everyone has issues,
yours are not the worst.
So don’t go around acting
like you have a curse.
We are all equals,
all under the same sky.
You’re not more important
when you start to cry.
Don’t act like you are better.
Don’t act so condescending.
Don’t act like you can’t do it,
because your pain is never ending.
I’m sorry your life is tough.
I’m sorry you’re not okay.
But really I’ve had enough
of what you have to say.
This makes me seem like a terrible person, but when you’re feeling down, you can’t use that as an excuse to drag others down with you.
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