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MeganW Dec 2015
She was like your first breath of air after coming up from underwater, and now I'm drowning.
MeganW Oct 2015
How do I stop loving you?
How do I fall out of love?
It's been months and my heart still has your name written all over it
My lips still ache for the tingle that only yours can leave
My eyes still look for you on every street corner, in every crevice of myself
Your name is still like a broken record in my mind
The image of your eyes still burns when I close mine
My love for you will never die
For I have stayed yours
Come back and be mine
MeganW Aug 2015
You traded sober love for drunken mistakes that you wished could be sober love once more
Remember, you left me
MeganW May 2015
If I loved the wrong person with all I had then I wonder how immensely I could love the right person.
MeganW Mar 2015
I don't dance but babe I would dance all night with you
I don't dress up very often but I'd put on my finest attire to go out to simply see the smile on your face and no matter how I look I'd still just glimmer while you shine like a diamond hit by a ray of sun
I may not like Chinese but I'd eat it every night if it meant eating by your side
I don't watch scary movies but I would watch them all the time if I got the pleasure of holding your hand
You see you have me doing things I would never have before
I don't know how our story will end but I know you are meant to be in mine in some way, shape, or form
MeganW Mar 2015
The rising and falling of your chest as you sing into sleep is the melody that soothes me
Fighting the urge to close our eyes we continue to whisper our goodnights
As you succumb to the exhaustion of your body, you whisper you love me
Your breathing is as a lullaby, easing me into the night
Miles  apart from me but somehow you are right next to me
MeganW Mar 2015
Poetry has seemed to curl up and die inside of me
When a part of me is broken it is so simple to "put words together beautifully"
Now that life is going well it seems as if poetry has disappear
As if the words no longer flow from my fingertips
I have never been a good writer, maybe I have never been a writer at all
My writing is average but it will never bring tears to one's eyes or change a part of someone's life
I desire to so swiftly and gracefully string words into beautiful phrases but its inadequacy is quite haunting
Music is in my veins, it flows through every fiber of my being but does writing even hold a candle to this symphony?
Will I ever write something meaningful?
Writing is relief
Writing is escape
But is my writing impacting?
I don't believe it is so maybe I should just put my pen down for good
I am not a writer
Some are born with the curse/blessing of having to get words out and their words move in the hearts others and cause tears to well up in the eyes of people but my writing, all my writing is is a sad joke compared to true writers
So maybe it is finally time to cap my pen and never pick it up again
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