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Cassius Oct 2017
In foolishness I live
As I know not where I head
Nor how I shall get there

On the heels of grace I follow
Yet tomorrow no one knows
Where we will be at the time

The hour for which we search
Is a road less searched for by most
And can tame the mind to ease

On the heels of the hour
As roads combine with kindness, grace, and enthusiasm
We witness a journeys end

epicly, epic
Cassius Jul 2017
Beaten, battered, and bruised.
I often wonder what's my life to do.
When I'm down on my luck.
This frown, it really *****.
A mountain is in front of me.

Laces pulled tight.
I'm motivated to give all my mite.
I'll conquer this mountain
Again and again and again.
It's appearance consistantly consistent.

In a life so inconsistent.
One must be more insistent.
Putting one foot in front of the other.
Never dwelling on their druthers.  
While other may count me out.
Cassius Apr 2017
Head in the clouds
Mind on the road
Heart on my shoulder
Body getting old

Words become slurred
Arms become weak
Effort becomes tough
Outlook becomes bleak

Persistence creates opportunity
Opportunity persuades my drive
To maintain on this track
Anyway, I will thrive.
Cassius Sep 2014
At the edge of the world
With a mind full of fright
A lonely kid waits
For when it feels right
To tell all his stories
To make sense of all wrongs
He's waiting on life
To reveil all its calms
Answers that matter
And make sense of the past
A blast that may be
Something that lasts
Someone, something,
Somewhere, somehow
Who knows what will happen
Who knows a new now
Cassius Sep 2014
Round and solid
Clanking at every collision
Full of a single passenger
Looking to escape through any means necessary
But when the ship is empty
One may wonder who's driving,
Guiding this ship to a recycled future
This glass bottle is nothing,
but a spaceship tonight.
Cassius Aug 2014
You're always on time for a fire.
Even in the driest days.
When danger is no further,
Than a word of mouth away.
The fuel, Your self-consciousness.
Consciously more and more a weight.
It starts in your conscience,
When consciousness meets present day..
Cassius Aug 2014
But I shall bask in sunlight
As to absorb all the energies of the universe
And I shall bask in moonlight
Hoping that it will only nurse
My heart to wellness
My mind to fullness
My soul to loneliness
And when all is achieved
I will be whole
And able to absolve my innerness
Of everything she had stole
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