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 Apr 2017 Cassie Mae
I'm gonna break
I miss being able to call you up
I wonder if your home tonight...
I've no right to wonder
or to call.
 Apr 2017 Cassie Mae
The honeysuckle blooms,
emitting fumes,
of blissful change
and sweet delight.

The dripping of nectar
through colorful rays,
soothe and sway
an endless day.

A season to die,
a season to grow,
an ocean of time,
the ebb and flow.

Winter is waiting with songs left unsung,
but now it is winter and life is still young.
 Oct 2016 Cassie Mae
Ryan Kane
I'm down and out
spiraling in twists of fate.
It has me contemplating a date,
one I can no longer await.

So a sweet goodbye to a few,
and to some the finger is raised.
No more suicide these days,
but my time has come to go away.

Minimal bags packed,
and a ticket to somewhere unknown.
Somewhere no one knows the real me,
and where I can be alone.

At least for a bit.

           Until I have my mind figured out.

Running west is the only way to escape this black cloud.

                                                                                                  Mom, you
                                                                                                         should be
(c) Ryan Kane 2016
Twitter: @RyanWritesStuff
When I was 16
I thought love was a miracle.
Stars aligning and a lightning strike.
I just had to wait,
be in the right place -
a classroom, a gym class, a Target -
and my hair and my body and my acne and  and my teeth and my body and my body and my body,
wouldn't matter.
I would know what it felt like
to be happy.

When I was 18
I thought love was a cure.
I developed an aching.
A gnawing emptiness;
and I couldn't tell where I began anymore.
Like a moss on a rock,
sadness made my body a home and
my tears kept it growing.
I was tragedy
and love, of course Love,
would save me.

When I was 20
I thought love was a game.
I fell in love with a someone
who never wanted to love me.
The pain was...
excruciating -
and I had never felt more alive.
It was the thrill of strategy, you see.
Get a little skinnier,
buy a better bra,
send drunk texts that you
can blame on blacking out,
flirt with other men,
touch other men,
kiss other men,
lay with other men.
Lose yourself in other men.
Lose the game.
I learned that love was never meant
for playing.

When I met you
I thought love was fear.
Loving you was
like holding a butterfly
too tight - killing it
when you were only
trying to keep it safe.
You, you, you,
beautiful and honest and fierce,
you loved me like answering a prayer.
I loved you like a nightmare.
The fear was suffocating.
and we had to die
before I could wake.
I am awake now.

Today I love you
and this love is
river water flowing,
even breathing.
Love is trust.
(Don't mind my shaking hands, darling.
I'm not scared, this is just a reflex.)
You are the definition of risk and reward and I do love you so.
I love you determined, I love you brave, I love you happily.
You are the calm and the reality and the quiet observer andthe  hand to hold.
I am the hurricane and the optimist and the hand-shaker and the declaration of love.
We are not the same but
I am 22 and,
I think
I believe
I know,
we are love.
 Oct 2016 Cassie Mae
Mike Adam
Only the moon
Defines our day
With orbit

Only sunshine
Allows our life

Only our ***
Creates our people

Only your love
Made me whole

Now moon drifts away
3.87 centimetres
Each year

The night shall stretch
And die

You left
All at once

Only I cry
I cry
I cry
 Oct 2016 Cassie Mae
I put it all in a letter
The reason for the end
You would move on in time
Seemed easier just to send
The coward’s way i know
But that the way it goes
Life is what it is
Forever moving
No time to reminisce
The train was ready to depart
When he heard the news
That broke his heart
A girl had jumped from a top floor apartment
The letter by her side
Such a shame
So young
Far too young to die
The text came through
Where are you
He kept staring at it
Is it you
What’s wrong, did you forget Gina’s engagement
No, i got held up, rushing to you my love
Just you and me
Like it was meant to be.
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