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  Feb 2016 cg
thoughts hang around my head like an itch that won't go away
       and they're *making me scratch my brains out
i hate winter.
  Feb 2016 cg
You look into her eyes
And you see the stars.
A whole galaxy untold.
Her heart, the sun--
Radiant, warm, good.
From her lips, a whisper of truth:
a simple "I love you."
And within you stirs all the glory
And splendor of the unknown.
  Feb 2016 cg
DaSH the Hopeful
Narcolepsy* hard and heavy watch me fall asleep
            Lulled to bed in a cunning thread of the tangled web we weave
    I dream in pristine colors, windows of my mind anew
No fingerprints or ***** looks or evidence of you

         I find comfort in forever wherever it may be
        I may have left my home but it will always stay with me
                 The smell of all the smoke with the sound of all the rain
   On constant playback every second deep within my brain

        I found that time is all that matters and everything else faded
        I spent years and years learning how to forget everything I hated
    I've only gotten older and have nothing left to show
              Except a ringing alarm clock and blood on my pillow

Narcolepsy** hard and heavy watch me as I sleep
     Another pill, another high, another date to keep
      If I shall die before I wake, I hope that I'm with you
    Then it won't matter where I go, cause you will see me through
  Feb 2016 cg
you crowned me queen and put me up in your beautiful castle

i tried to run, i tried so hard to run away but you pinned me into my gown and you locked me in my tower and told me you would love me
and you loved me
and for the first time, i thought myself a queen
not because of my jeweled head but because the love you shed

now my crown is gone and i'm not quite used to the absence of its weight
i'm running around and falling over drunk on the idea that
you don't love me anymore
and begging someone to lie to me again

i do not miss the crown on my head, i am just sad that the castle wasn't real

next time you build, make sure that you aren't building out of broken glass
i'm unsure how this will be interpreted
  Feb 2016 cg
Atript Abhinav
You are my poetry,
Sometimes you are easy to understand,
Sometimes you are hard,
And sometimes you are beyond my reach,
But you are so beautiful,
That I don't want to give up on you
Sometimes the things that you say,
Fly over my head,
Leaving me dazed and confused,
But I love you
Sometimes you are what you say you are,
And sometimes you take it too far,
There are things I like about you,
And things I don't,
But they make you, You
So, I want both
You are all the great poets fused inside one body,
One perfect poetry
  Feb 2016 cg
Max Gleiberman
I woke this morning with you on my mind, truth is its déjà vu every time,
me imagining grasping your soft  thighs as my insatiable appetite pleads for your subtle lips and beautiful Brown eyes, an alluring vision, passionate bliss consuming every fragment of my mind.
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