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Cassandra Romero Mar 2015
Once this world was a better place,
Now filled with lots of disgrace
So quick to hide behind their screen,
Bashing,slashing, and gossiping
So you thought she was truly your friend,
Now she'll do anything just to win
Told all of your secrets to any who gave their ear,
Spoke to them your stories,worries, and fear
Remember that there are still good friends,
Will treat you like a princess until this world ends
Don't let it trouble you,
I'll hold your hand till you make it through
Cassandra Romero Mar 2015
I surrender in your name,
Never expected glory, or fame
I give it all to you my Lord,
You heal the sick better than any bard
No more sorrow,guilt,lies, or shame,
You set me free from any blame
You said trust in me and you shall gain,
Anything you ask for in my name
Believe in the savior Jesus Christ,
For his suffering was extremely priced
Thank you Lord for giving your life,
Sorry you endured the worlds heaviest knife
  Mar 2015 Cassandra Romero
and i guess i'm just asking,
if all the things you said to yourself, appeared on your body,
would you still be beautiful?
Cassandra Romero Mar 2015
They follow you like a hound,
Trying to flip you upside down
Watching every move you make,
Wanting you to make that mistake
They flash you the silver and gold,
Wanting your soul is what I've been told
Everything comes with a price,
So make sure that you don't roll their dice
You listen and watch them everyday,
Without knowing their agenda I say
Beware of the trouble they bring your way,
Cause before you know it you'll be in their ray
Their toys and gadgets trips and fame,
Will draw you in and you're to blame
They'll say doesn't all of these things look fine,
Exactly, now please sign on this dotted line
Not with a pencil nor a pen,
With your blood so that we know you're in
Cassandra Romero Mar 2015
I ask the Lord To be with me
as I journey through my day
it was so good to know His eye
was on me each step of the way

now I may stumble I may fall
and still he will remain
my precious friend though my failure
He keeps me safe and sane

He will be there till the end of strife
No matter where you are
He is there patiently waiting
no distance will be too far

He will reached down from heaven
with his tender hand
and show you His love
how much he really cares

Don't ever give up on his love
for he loves you and He's there
He will not allow more to happen
then what we can bear

we all have those days
when things goes wrong
to know inside our heart
we can always sing a song

he will hear your call loud or faint
and surely answer your prayer
there's never been a day I could say
my lord was never there
Written by my friend John Stevens
He helped me long ago re-write this poem and did a great job!
Cassandra Romero Mar 2015
Darkness creeping
Warmth is leaving
The air is thick
Did you feel that *****
Burning roaring
Sorrows pouring
Tremors shaken
Felt forsaken
Silence screaming
Am I dreaming
Waves crash down
Face with frown
Stabbing fillers
Huge like pillars
Arduous years
Bleeding cheers
Agony death
Feel this stress
Did you feel it
The torment that won't quit
Nothing worse than feeling a twins pain as you're own!!!
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