She's the kind of girl that's one of a kind
And our memories will be always on my mind
Especially when the both of us are smiling
Under the sun---- or when we're sailing

Anywhere and everywhere with her
Is a treasure that no one else can compare
She helped me in developing myself within
Thank God, I'm not the person I've been

Even through the strongest storms you're with me
I remember you sleeping so sweetly
At times in the morning when I wake up,
I'm thankful because you're there to cheer me up

Through the pizza, fries and everything we like...
You'll always be the Ate Em in my life.

A poem dedicated to my dearest cousin. (c) Caryl Vim Cerna. 2015

I'm bored and got nothing to do
Therefore, I'll become a potato

le me is bored. talk to me?

I feel victorious!
I am free!
My God is glorious!
I'll shout His name!
Singing songs of praise,
All because of His glorious name!

Thank you Jesus for everything,
I'll keep on singing.

(c) Caryl Vim Cerna // Daily Entry // 92715 // Shabach

My life is kinda sad
I have friends, but only a few
One is a cat and the other three are  my dogs
Well, that's all and it's nothing new.

Goodnight! I'm just kidding.

But if you don't want me anymore
If your plans doesn't include me, no more
Please leave a word,
Don't keep me guessing
It hurts so much,
I need your touch.


The hardest thing in life is knowing that the one you love
doesn't care about you anymore. </3

I’m not living, I’m just killing time
Waiting for the perfect time
When will true love come in time?
God has perfect timing; never early, never too late.
It takes a little patience and faith,
But it’s worth the wait.

Waiting for love is like waiting in line,
You’ll never know who’s for you in line.
Every night I talk to God
Asking if you are fine,
For in the moment you’ll be mine,
The both of us won’t be waiting in line.

A random poem for our Rizal Class. More of this at // or visit my poetry blog at ;) See you!
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