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Carre noir Jan 2015

How do I tell you I love you when I'm not sure that I do?

But every time I think you about you with someone else , I feel like I can't be without you

It seems unfair on the both of us that I can't fully give myself too you

I wish with every bone and fibre of my body that I could

But I'm past the point of being fixed , I'm broken beyond repair , but you don't need to know that, and you never will

You'll always be my best friend

My movie going, trash talking , far away friend

But you'll never know I love you
Carre noir Jan 2015
I'm too scared to love
Someone please tell me the point
Who knows anyway
Carre noir Aug 2014
Sometimes I take my shoes off and feel the earth beneath my feet

I try too feel the planet beneath me turning

I never feel it

Only the passing rumble of cars on the road

The tiny tremors of people walking by

I close my eyes and try again forcing my toes against the ground till they hurt

I get frustrated when I still feel nothing

Standing stationery yet still hurtling through the universe

The summer winds blow my hair round my face and I brush it behind my ears

Azure sky's above move lazily peppered with clouds

I close my eyes and hold my breath


Still nothing

I put my shoes back on defeated

I'll try again tomorrow
Carre noir Aug 2014
Why look at the stars

When I can stare into your eyes

Dissolve me in your gaze

Watch me melt before you

I'm caught in your headlights

Hints of green earth float Lost in pools of dazzling blue sapphire

Mesmerise me

Reflected light quivers and dances

briefly obscured by blinking

A small eclipse before the beauty returns

Why be in awe of stars above

When it's the magic in your eyes I love
Carre noir Jul 2014
After you kissed me for the last time

I died inside

I'll never be that boy I once was

In leaving you took the best parts of me with you

Emotional thief

You leave me a shell

I'm an empty vessel of skin and bone

I'll hibernate and hope for your return

But we both know the outcome

I'm already dead remember
Carre noir Jul 2014
Every word I write is a tiny piece of me

The voice of my heart

I give these pieces away on pages, napkins and cards

Carved on tables and etched in trunks of trees

Some are kept

Some are ripped up , crumpled and discarded

Pieces of my heart hidden in drawers and filing cabinets

Pinned to notice boards

Forgotten in shoeboxes in the back of closets

Rotting in landfill

Burnt on bonfires

The more I write and give away, the smaller my heart becomes

Piece by tiny piece

The Shards disguised in language

Maybe I should be more wise with the fragments I release into the world for others too keep?

How long till the well runs dry

Or I simply tire of writing

Maybe ill ration what's left

Or hoard what remains

The pieces of my ink heart
Carre noir Jun 2014
Tracing paper beauty queen

Always looks frayed around the seams
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