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Caroline Mar 2017
Never jump into conclusions,
that's what they told me.
Never jump into conclusions,
an advice that might either make or break me.
Never jump into conclusions,
how can I not when I feel like I've pieced the puzzle?
Never jump into conclusions,
how can I when I'm not sure about anything?
Never jump into conclusions,
I'm tired of waiting for answers.
Never jump into conclusions.
But I already did and I was right.
Caroline Feb 2017
I've been admiring you from a distance,
And when they tried to introduce us,
I ran.
I ran like a little girl scared of the monsters behind her.
I feel I wasn't enough to be introduced to you.
Everytime you so much as walk a few metres near me,
I ran.
I ran like I was in prep school, playing tag with my best friend.
I feel I wasn't enough to walk with you.
Now I've been thinking, I kept running away from you.
What good did it make, I ask myself.
*What good did running away from you make when *you weren't even chasing me.
To my crush
Caroline Feb 2017
My mind cannot fathom how it happened,
Amidst the cruelty in this planet,
Reckless use of time, wish I didn't spend,
It's a miracle that we even met.

All I know is I could rely on you,
Even when we are busy, reaching goals.
Living, loving, still climbing to see the view,
I** know we'll still be in each other souls.

Zigzags and humps on the road slow me down,
A nice best friend like you boosts me forward.
Hoping you know you're the best girl in town,
Did wish for a gift, now you're my reward.

Guess God sure knows I needed a best friend,
My love for you will be there till the end.
My best friend's birthday today!
Caroline Feb 2017
And sometimes I wish I could just touch you.
No boundaries, nothing to hinder my arms feeling your body heat by caressing your skin.
Stare at those cute eyes that remind me of  half moons,
Dig my fingers in your hair like I've imagined I did a couple of times,
Listen to your laugh like a melody I would put on repeat.
Feel your warmth as you outshine the sun in my eyes,
Kiss those lips until I've grown addicted to the taste of you,
Concentrate on the sound of your heart beating as I place my ears on your chest.
And sometimes I really wish I could, but I won't.
No, I wont. Not until you let me in.
Caroline Jan 2017
I dont know why I try so hard
For someone who wont even look my way.
I even think a hundred times
For perfect words I try to say

I tried once more without a doubt,
With all the courage I gathered inside,
Guess my efforts are wasted,
For I don't even cross your mind.

Today I choose to be myself,
I realised that I don't need you now,
To be happy and contented,
I know for sure, I'll show me how.
Caroline Jan 2017
Hush, my fragile heart.
Let your worries fade.
Let go of all the bad,
And have good memories made.
Hush, my fragile heart...
Until you find your flame again.
Caroline Nov 2016
Tell me something negative about yourself,
So I could pretend that I never even crossed your mind,
And stop the spark of hope inside.

Tell me something negative about yourself,
So I could forget how you looked for me last night,
And fall into the trap of your enchanting eyes.

Tell me something negative about yourself,
Help me. For in hopes of finding something bad,
I might have fallen in love to both of your sides.
A story of what can never be but every time you see him , you fall in love a little more.
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