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you like her for her petals
yet i have none
i remember your eyes
reminded me of the heat of the sun
and how i hate that
because i was so in love with the coldness of the night breeze

then you showed me that heat could be nice too
with the warm gaze in your eyes

but in time i am already in love with the sun
with the heat and all the warm
your eyes
remind me of the cold of the night breeze
and somehow i hate that
because i've already been in love with the warmth of the sun

and you show me now
that the chills of the breeze is no longer nice
when i look right at the cold gaze in your eyes
some things are just not meant for everybody
like how the heat of the sun is not for everybody
or the night breeze is not for everybody

maybe love is not for everybody either
maybe it looked like nothing
sounded like nothing.
maybe it was nothing.

but it doesn't feel like it;
at least to me
and there you are
after years and miles we're apart

i stood across you
playing all the conversations we could be going through
all the possibilities of words that could come out from me and you

but even when i could play the possibilities of words,
and even after words come out like i thought they would,
it felt strange.

it felt, different.
it didn't feel right.
it just, didn't feel like you.
although it was brief
and both of us were unsure

but i'm glad what we ever happened

even if it's just for a moment
even if it's just for a blink of an eye
there are many types of fear that each of us has,
despite of what the reasons are

one fears the empty room, afraid of being lonely.
one fears the dark, afraid of feeling blind.

one fears height, afraid of falling down
and one fears love, afraid of feeling broken
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