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When I go to sleep at night
I leave the TV set on
With electric shadows
Flickering around the walls
Not because I fear the dark
Which is a friend of mine
But because silence is a threat
To my drifting vulnerable mind
And the open wounds of old

Silence allows my ghosts
To invade my imminent dreams
Some screaming in rage
As others whimper for love
Creating vivid nightmares
And drenching my very essence
So, when I go to sleep at night
I leave the TV set on

                                By Phil Roberts
When you make yourself
you've done all you can
for peace on the planet

Not Much

still, your light,
a tiny spark in the
can be seen for a million miles
Yoga Sutra I.2
Things get broken
It's no-one's fault
It never is
Not really
Butter fingers and distraction
Without malice or forethought
Like hearts and minds
And shatter on hard contact with reality

                                                  By Phil Roberts
He's like constellations,
A road map to forever,
And every night I count the distance,
Between here and happily-ever-after;

When I look at the stars,
I see universes of us together,
Parallels that was only ours,
And there's nothing we could not weather;

You're a Pisces and I a Virgo,
Two opposites with attraction so strong,
This love we share let us not throw,
For we're meant to be let us prove them wrong;

Light years away from now,
I hope you'll look at me the same way,
When we made our only vow,
To be together forever come what may.

I'm not the easiest person to love, and I tend to complicate matters. But ever since you came into my life, I've never been better. You showed me everything I refused to see before, it's now clearer and life beautiful as ever. I know now what it means to belong, to have someone to call home.

Thank you, Umar.
It hurts  
So bad
Why? Why ?
Why me ?
I ask over and over
My insanity has crept in
Like a demon in my shadow
Do they realise what they've done?
Cause I think I lost myself
I feel so numb but there is still an ache
And it only comes in the lonely hour
My screams are blood curdling
My tears glisten in the moon light
And my nightmares come ......
Then I wake up
I put on  my mask
Till once again the lonely hour comes
Is this just me ?
are made up of pieces,
shaky legs and furrowed
eyebrows constant questions and
cutting off sentences we are existing
in every direction we are never quite
exactly one thing we are
everything all at once and we buzz
like a hive of nervous tics and anxious stutters
this energy cannot be created or destroyed
it is transferred from soft songs
to reminding GIRLS LIKE ME that you still
love us when our mouths cannot form words when
we are not entirely existing in the same place as you when
we get scared and write poetry about how GIRLS LIKE ME
fall in love with boys like you and we never really
tell them we wrap our hands around our own throats we
were never taught to be cruel, we were never taught to
be kind we are exactly everything and always nothing and we
never know what to say so we fall in love with boys like you and
we wait and wait and wait and cannot be created or destroyed

We as LOVERS realize that
Our values of LOVE
Are not recognized
By this cruel world

There is no worth for
The words & acts of LOVE nor
There is any kindness
Shown by the world
For our eyes full of tears

The world values murk
Pays a billion for garbage
But not for our
True emotions of LOVE

The human life of LOVERS
Is one of the most woes

Yet we as LOVERS
Celebrate our LOVE
In the way we know best
By LOVING each other

By promising each other
We will LOVE till we live
We will LOVE until death

Theirs always that person who you won't forget about no matter what you go through in life you just seem to always get flashback of the moments you had with that one special person but nobody could ever replace that one special person wish I had a magic wond to clear out my mind but no matter what that special person seem to come up my mind ...
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