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Carl Miller Feb 6
My bedroom ceiling, I've noticed, is not perfectly smooth
A vast little land with little bumps, bruises, stains, and holes
I like to lie and think of the little battles that took place there
Just above My restless head while the nightlights sway and soothe

My brother sleeps across the room, loud, roaring, and snoring
Enough to keep Me up past midnight, enough to make Me scream
Every hiccup, belch or restless motion, tosses him up like an upset ocean
And as I lie there, growing tired, I begin to find his noises boring

My canine ears enjoy eavesdropping
On animals, cars, people and things
An airplane soaring, a gondolier oaring
The neighborhood dog growling and barking, or My sister's movie night popcorn popping

My stuffed pets lie, awake with Me too
They won't drift off to sleep until I do
I hold My stuffed dog, Rover, to My chest
Trying to sleep, at My father's behest

There will be evenings, just like this one, where I climb into bed, and lie awake at night
Where sleep will cleverly evade Me, and dreams will ignore My every plea
But blessed am I, to be safe in My bed, safe in My home, safe with My family
There's always a chance, that You can drift off to sleep, as soon as You turn out the ceiling's light
Written 02/06/19

Everyone has nights where they can't fall asleep. I wrote this late one of those nights. And this poem transcends My every thought when I think of drifting off to sleep. Feel free to give this one a read if You're feeling sleepless. God Bless.

Carl Miller Feb 3
Big dogs roam the streets at night
The frail little bird nests, snugly, so tight
Sprinkling infected, burning kisses on everyone You love
Fire comes down in sheets from above

Deeper and deeper do You crawl straight down
Going absolutely nowhere , You burrow and drown
Angels and their people-pets, walk freely on land
Albino seaweed and black seashells, shatter, like glass in My hand
Written 01/31/19
Carl Miller Feb 3
Take hold of her porcelain hand, and whisk her away
Wrapped in ribbons, through rolling hills, dancing until the
sun-drenched morn
Laughter and song, and shelter provide, for the hearts whose names are penned,
Intertwined in lovesick song, spoken sweetly, that summer in May
Written 02/03/19

This poem sums itself up all on it's own. Making it one of My favorites. Written about the beauty of having a soulmate to share life's most soul-searching moments with. I pray this poem encourages You to truly cherish the special person in Your life. I hope You enjoy. God bless.

Carl Miller Feb 3
A coward, hiding beneath the dress of corporation
Another miserable parasite slaughtered, and the bell will ring
Forced to exist, You will suffer and scream
Succumb to the pain, sleep forever, and bow down to Your king
Written 01/24/19
Carl Miller Feb 3
Hiding are we, the children, lost and starving
Vacant shells of free spirits now gone
The men in the moon have taken our doll away
Make what You will of it, the deed is done

Dying are we, the children, hollow and hurting
Our stomachs churn while our heads roll and pound
Raised to be slaves, shattering our insides, to cover the cost
He wept for us, we cry out to him, longing to be found

Suicidal, solemn retribution for the god they worship
Selfish, bloated and dead but never forgotten
Forever are we plagued by what they have left behind
Left to suffer from the remains of what lies, rotten

Days have passed since we saw her last
We long to embrace her, now we must bear the task
Deep in our bones, we feel her dying, fast
Armed to the teeth, malicious intent, behind My vacant doll mask
Written 01/24/29
Carl Miller Feb 3
A burning garden
Wilting flowers
Fields of sustenance swept away, lain waste to soil not trodden
Close up in fear sweet children, like flowers, and bleed for the ravenous men, gorging in the high towers

It's all they're dying for
It's all they will ever need
And in spite of the tears from the purest shining face of all
The people never learn their lesson, their brains left to bleed behind life's long-closed door
Written 01/29/19
Carl Miller Jan 15
Only the brightest lights of purest white
Will grace our flesh as we ascend
To the highest plain of humanity's journey
Wrapped in skin our forms will bend

Tears were shed by those who fear
What We embrace to end our quest
Red that flows and black that floods
How hollow the mind that deems our quest a test

A face so bright, humbling, yet wrong
Greeted us with arms like fire
Our bodies burn brighter like embers in the air
Our quest has ended, and we waited so long
Written 12/31/18
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