Sep 2017 Careena
Nick Something
 Sep 2017 Careena
Nick Something

Everything I say or do
Is a contradiction
Every time I craft a truth,
It's a work of fiction.

Right when I learn who I am
Is when I misplace myself.
Right when my self is stable
Is when I fall off the top shelf.

Right when I am confident,
I become a scared little boy.
Right when I'm a wholesome noble,
I'm sucked into a dark sexual void.

Right when I'm valued and happy
I'm alone with none around.
Right when I'm completely lost
I find a simple lost and found

Sign. I take it with me
And bare it across my chest.
I'm lost and found! At the same time!
I'm simply a clearly labeled mess.

I never know what will come next,
I've not seen a creature more amorphous.
Maleable beyond comprehension
Walking through a flourished forest.

 Sep 2017 Careena
Kaylee L

I used to hit to get high or hit to get by.
Shit I'd hit just to lie next to another lie just to feel my next cry and wonder if it hurt to die.

I used to hit to get high or hit to get by. That love was where my motivation lied. I wasn't looking for a single love but multiple feelings of maybe appreciation or the approximation of someone wanting my affection or attention.

I used to hit to get high or hit to get by.
3 4 5 people in and out of my room never seeing the naked truth or naked you that one who said loved should see. All I knew is I wanted to be what they need and who they see without the loyalty.

I used to hit to get high or hit to get by.
The rush was amazing. The divide was encasing as the sin and lies overwhelmed and the curtain started raising...

I used to hit to get high or hit to get by.

I saw and sobered. Not from love but the addiction itself. I sobered from the urge that made me want more, in fact this love I felt was more in depth. In fact it crept and wept sweet tears and happiness. All I wanted was the one; I saddened less. I was what she needed along with the loyalty. I asked about her needs and wants and acted accordingly.

I used to hit to get high or hit to get by but now I comply to loves law. Abide in her soul. A love and devotion I am no longer able to control. Our love is almost story tale told. I no longer wait for another to unfold.

 Aug 2017 Careena

i could begin to see you again
as i might have before
  any            (immediate
and -  for now -misgiven
your­ ankles testing the light in the kitchen

it's made of blocks for me :  you'll see :
   one day, mathematical gestures/
[structures; shafts of yellow that i hope
      you know
you're gonna put your finger through -- ]

the way the music might play if we
       Made it
       the Way
all our windows asked us


  Why didnt we --      somewhere there's screaming
                                     somewhere in the behind of
                                     my spine in a
space too big to
                                     exist in the crumple that is my back                                                             ­


i wonder (too late)
a mosquito on my
    shoulder blade
(the windows let him in  
                 again  -- one more time
                     Come On test me ;   a
Curl on their latch
in a snarl of a
slanted or light-hearted
biting little bumps which make a little map

Of all the times we insitently

that our music
would have could have
made the Weather

and that we were,
One of the first few sunflowers
to pointto the sun

 Aug 2017 Careena
Erin Marie

fall into me.
tug at my soul
and pull it
from my body.
remind me
what it means
to be in love,
to feel sorrow, be human...
...remind me.

L14:  No, toots, but...enjoy the moment.


The mourning dove ere twilight yield calls, whence
Orange winks upon thet waking thought's detail,
And lo, I hear it softly coo.  Grey mists in frail
Nigh ghostly touch a thin suggestion, thence
Do maples faintly shiver in suspense?
I thank the LORD for that voice on the pale
First notes of whither, erst wont to avail
My soul, and dawn sifts through to crown that sense.
How Joey worked "each day this week," yet fer
All that's forever on my mind.    What, to
Effect, now does the culver's song as twere
Mean?  How I used to know.  Or thought I knew.
Now like a memry of sweet days lost, poor
Though what be?  Does it bless our hopeful dew?


I read something recently about mourning doves' call and--but I forget what it was; it was good, though.
 Jun 2017 Careena
Gaby Comprés

si alguna vez
llegas a leer un poema,
ojalá me leas a mí.
ojalá encuentres la poesía que se esconde en mi cuerpo,
en mis ojos que riman, en mis pies que solo saben bailar,
ojalá encuentres la poesía que se esconde en las curvas de mis labios
y en la canela de mi piel.
si alguna vez llegas a leer un poema,
ojalá me leas a mí,
ojalá encuentres las palabras escritas en mi piel,
y veas como mis ojos deletrean la palabra
y como mis manos hablan de arte
y como mi corazón canta de valentía y esperanza
y si alguna vez llegas a leer un poema,
ojalá sea yo.

spanish translation of "if you ever read a poem"

I wish we mourned
Like crows and monkeys.
Instead of seeing
We see the dead as

Are the dead who
But looks kind of like me,
Lived on the
same planet with me.

Same planet, with me and
Same sky, same seasons,
Same stars in our bodies
Is this dead body.

Is this dead body,
Who looks kind of like me,
Not deserving of my tears
Because he differs in skin,
Differs in history,
Differs in the shape of his teeth?

Differs. In the shape of his teeth
I will see he
But looks kind of like me.
Like crows and monkeys
I wish me mourned.

 May 2017 Careena
Brooke Davis

I hope you see this,
I want you to know
how much I miss you.

Nobody understands as well
as you do dear,
not a soul
matches with mine
quite like yours does.

I know I could just text,
but thats not nearly as potent,
as this poem,
in this moment.

I may say some are my best friends,
but you are the only person
i've said this to
and truely felt
deserved the role.

Thank you for loving me,
me of all people!
I'm so very imperfect,
and I feel I am a shit friend,
and a shit person in general.
But you still love me regardless.

I feel very alone sometimes.

I just wish you were here my dear

and that I could listen to you
play Gorillaz and Elton John tunes
on the keyboard
while lying on your purple comforter,
your snoozing boston terrier at my feet, witnessing your beautiful twinkling laughter and crystal blue eyes spark
the room around us
to life.

I know you are a few
thousand miles away,
but sometimes it just feels like

I miss you ♡

 May 2017 Careena
Gaby Comprés

9:24 am: i am cleaning my room and singing along to an ed sheeran song. i thought of me, cleaning our house, and you, leaning against the doorframe and smiling at me.

1:24 pm: it has been raining all day and i am wondering if you believe in the beauty and magic of rain like i do and how perfect it would be if our first kiss took place on a rainy afternoon like this one.

1:26 pm: i refuse to entertain the thought that the two thoughts i've had of you were exactly four hours apart means something. but secretly i hope it does.

3:54 pm: will i think of you at 11:11 tonight?

4:19 pm: will i love you even when you make spelling mistakes?

9:24 pm: i wrote a poem today about my high standards and i thought of you and how you won't be afraid of pursuing me, of loving my heart. i thought of your fearless heart and how it will love me the way i am.

9:28 pm: i am thinking of the number 24 and how at the 24 minutes of three different hours you popped into my head. did you think of me today? did the thought of me make you smile? do you wonder about me, the color of my hair, the shape of my face, the song of my heart?

9:32 pm: my heart sometimes wonders if it's pointless to think of you, because maybe there isn't a you. but my soul tells my heart that i think of you, and therefore you are.

10:24 pm: before i close my eyes, i hope to think of you. and after i close them, i know i'll dream of you. and if it happens at the twenty-fourth minute of whatever hour it is, i won't be too surprised.

10:27 pm: i am starting to believe that 24 is a magic number.

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