Careena Dec 2016

I've always wanted it to be you
I waited and prayed
Hoped for so many days
And now that you're with me
I don't know what to do
I can't comprehend
That you're the one
I get to pour my attention
And affection into
After so much time
Of just wanting
And believing that it was for nothing
I am just in shock
So it feels like someone
Is going to pop out
From behind a corner
And tell me that it was a joke
Some sort of prank
And that you don't care
That this has all been
A figment of imagination
I get scared
That that's reality
Worries arise in my heart
That you don't feel for me
It's so hard for me to accept
That maybe you do

If you ever wonder why I get scared and worry, that's just how it feels. I know I am worth being loved, but I just have always wanted you to be the one to love me. I know you care, I just get scared.
Careena Nov 2016

We aren't really kids anymore
Yet I still care for you as a child does
With a trusting nature and a wonder
But I want you like a woman does
In all of those ways
In every aspect of the phrase

Careena Nov 2016

Oh how I wish, quite dreamily
I could feel you breathing beside me
To fall asleep and under your charms
Your strong hands and arms
Wrapped around my waiting waist
Right now, there is no other place
That I would want to be
Than having you next to me
Pulling me closer till we collide
Very quietly in the night time
Sheets entangling us together
I could stay there forever
Then we wouldn't have to leave
This pure dream of you and me

Careena Nov 2016

I'm mesmerized by you in the front seat of your car
And also the passenger side
Your fingers tapping on the steering wheel
Loving you in the left lane
But also in the right
At noon and midnight
In the quiet of a glance
Or in a crowded room
I can't comprehend your trance
I'm just worried it's too soon

Careena Nov 2016

When him and I were parting ways
He left me with one single phrase
"Don't go back to him"
I thought he ceased to remember
Of my affections for you, still tender
And it shook me where I stood
Because I never thought I could
Due to distances between hearts
And many years apart
I never thought you thought of me
What an insecure mentality
That turned out to be untrue
And now I am here with you
What an ironic twist of fate
That has been plopped on to my plate

Things have a way of working themselves out if you let them
Careena Nov 2016

I'm scared for the girl
Sitting across from me in a hijab
Looking at her phone
Fear in her eyes, panic in her mind
We live in uncertain times

In reality
Any leader is only as powerful
As the volume of supporters
The people who feed into the violence
And the hate that is spat in their general direction
From all directions, from many people
They can choose to absorb it
Or ignore it completely
And keep living their lives in love
Reach out their hand to a stranger
Someone who may be in trouble
Someone belittled for believing
In something different from the normal
Diversity is what makes us remarkable

The saddest part
Is that I am concerned as to whether
The beautiful people I see
Are scared by me frequently looking over at them
Just a white, privileged, middle class girl
Trying to depict them in a poem
Articulating how I pledge to be there
To demonstrate that not everyone
Is scared of what they don't know
What is different from their own

We are people, first.
Careena Nov 2016

The woman that lies within
A 5' 3" frame, chocolate hair, Irish name
Laughs too loud, embarrasses herself
Would give up so much for someone else
The strangest things could make her cry
She is afraid of being hurt and butterflies
Writing helps her cope
She loves the smell of Old Spice soap
Food is love and she cooks often
Seeing true emotion makes her heart soften
When she feels, she feels it all
She tapes writings up on her wall
Habla EspaƱol y le encanta
Caring for others is her mantra
She's silly, loud, inappropriate, and sure
And it is enough just being her

Just a little self love in a sea of political uncertainty
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