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Legiondary Dec 2014
I find myself lost in another world,
Daydreaming about being there with you,
What have you done to infiltrate my subconscious?
Just how bad do you want this dream to come true?
I dream of running my fingers through your long red hair,
I take off your glasses and look into you soul through those seductive eyes you possess,
Thinking of delicately kissing those sweet soft lips,
With the tip of my tongue yours I begin to slowly caress.
Our tongues passionately massaging one another,
Eyes now closed just starting to feel the bliss,
I then pull your body even closer,
As I continue to kiss you I now grasp my hands upon your hips.
I can hear you start to breathe even harder,
You smell better than any flower blossoming in the spring,
Your slight moan tells me to move down to kissing your neck,
You soft skin tastes better than anything.
Now pulling your **** body even closer,
I feel your warm ******* pressed against my chest,
I can feel you heart starting to beat faster,
As one both our bodies now wish to possess.
Now I begin to unbutton your blouse to expose your succulent curves,
Kissing you now goes from your neck slowly down to your *******,
Holding you in my palm while ******* your *******,
Your body gets hot as it begs me to do what is next.
I embrace you and lay you down slowly,
We continue to kiss as we start to undress,
You wrap your legs around me tightly,
My body just can't wait for you to caress.
I can feel how warm and moist you are already,
As we lay naked you massage my hard drive,
I go down to taste your sweet nectar,
Delicately kissing you between your wet thighs.
Your juices taste as sweet as honey,
I savor them and **** them out of your soul,
You whisper that you want me inside you,
Your body takes over and you lose all control.
My head goes in slowly as you let aloud a slight moan,
Your moist lips wrapped tightly around me and pull me inside you tight,
I then sensually bury myself deep within your warm wet body,
We now are together as one lasting all throughout the night.

© P.I.  12/29/2014
Legiondary Nov 2014
My thoughts of a past love,
While asleep one dark evening,
Remembering subconscious thoughts,
I definitely had to have been dreaming.
Of holding her warm body,
Embracing her with care,
Caressing her delicate soft skin,
Thinking of times we shared.
Were these just my memories?
Or is she still in my heart?
Constantly I think about her,
And it’s tearing me apart.
I wish to again hold her,
But now she is gone away,
I try to hold back my feelings,
Only hoping for a special day.
A day we shall again be together,
Alone walking hand in hand,
Walking along a still warm beach,
With our bare feet in the sand.
Hoping this dream will someday come,
For my feelings are still very deep,
I know for now all I can do,
Is close my eyes and go back to sleep…

© P.I.
Legiondary Nov 2014
Many miles away
So far from My sight
If I could have only one wish
It would be to hold You tonight
A conversation over the phone
The scent of your perfume
Yet so far away from Me
A wish to be with You soon
Are We both Insane?
Or are these feelings true?
I long for the very first kiss
And to hold only You
Embraced in My arms
Our bodies held tight
For now I can only dream
Dream of being with You tonight…
  © P.I.
Legiondary Nov 2014
An unexpected betrayal
Lurks dormant in her manipulative mind
Feelings of no remorse
Leaving all who loved her behind
A superficial glibness and charm
My Soulmate I thought I had met
Lies with no shame or guilt
Hurting others with no conscience or regret
A empty soul lacking a heart
Stone cold personality
Using people only for self gain
A target until she gets what she needs
Sadly incapable of love
Only a projection to hide her true self
Now moving on to the next victim
A sickness that cannot be helped
Hopeless with no cure
Lack of empathy a disordered brain
One day to find herself all alone
Her shallow emotions had caused only pain
Oblivious to the devastation she caused
Out to pacify her own selfish needs
Unreliable with irresponsible promiscuity
Never concerned about wrecking others lives and dreams…

© P.I. 2010
Legiondary Oct 2014
I made a promise to myself long before,
That never again would I write no more,
Because I only felt Darkness...
I sit at a crossroads and no matter which way I look,
Nor would it matter which direction I took,
Because I only saw Darkness...
I await a door to be opened but all remain locked,
From any such light my sight seems to be blocked,
I can feel the Darkness...
Being the good samaritan will get you nowhere in this life,
Nice guys finish last in my back hangs out a knife,
I only see Darkness...
As much as I pray to the Light,
There is absolutely no light in my sight,
I only see Darkness...
Is the Light truly your friend,
Because every day just feels like the end,
I feel only Darkness...
Faith, Hope and Love,
I could use some help from above,
I see only Darkness...
When I search my body for my soul,
But think long ago the Darkness has stole,
I must have lost it to the Darkness...
I pray but I see no light at the end,
I guess that Darkness is my friend,
I can feel the Darkness...
In a world of black and white,
When that road is the only one that feels right,
Time to embrace the Darkness......

   © P.I. 2014

— The End —