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  Mar 2017 captcha
And in the end,
It didn't matter,
How much I love you,
How much you love me,
Heck it didn't even matter how I love you,
Or how you love me,
You're fighting your battles,
I'm playing with my demons,
And it doesn't matter how much I want to throw it all away,
to hold you close,
You are an unyielding force,
I'm a relentless addict,
And in the end,
Nobody wins
captcha May 2013
Even though we're worlds apart
Even though I think you're too crazy
I still find myself smiling at you on the telly
Laughing your heart out over the silliest things

I never know what colour your hair nor nails will be
The tight slacks and nose-ring you love so much
I would certainly curl my lips and pull a frown  
When I Contrast those with my shirt and tie

Your love for life just shines through
One look at you and the world's a nicer place
It's people like you who make others smile
That deserve to be happy contented and blessed

What I see is what you show the world
I don't know what goes on behind the lights
I don't know how you are when you're alone
I don't know if you ever carry a surly look

I sometimes think it would be nice to see you
Without the leggings, the painted nails, the crazy hair
But then I also think I don't want to
So I can always smile when I see you :)
captcha Mar 2013
Memories of images frozen in time,
We were only seventeen;
An involuntary smile creeps in,
Just the thought of You...

That smile forever etched,
That sudden turn of the head,
That angry sullen look,
Priceless moments...

That voice is all too familiar;
I still hear it in My dreams,
Whispering sweet nothings,
Bittersweet memories...

The best of memories remain,
That only a day like today can bring.
Time and age doesn't change a thing!
*Just a thought of you...
captcha Jan 2013
Those deep blue eyes,
Still bore into my deepest being,
Telling me to never let go,
That nothing ever changed.

I put on a wan little smile
That barely touch the cheeks,
That says everything's fine
When nothing is as it seems.

I have to let You think,
That love can be unrequited;
That Your loving gaze
Doesn't mean a thing.

When all I want to do is be with You!
captcha Jan 2013
Memories of a steady rhythm
The rain's heartbeat on the roof
Seems like another world
wonder who's sleeping under that roof?
Do they listen to the rain like I did?

Do they stare at the ceiling?
Taking off on flights of fancy
From that cosy little room
Dreaming lofty dreams  
Dozing off to the rain's heartbeat

How can four walls mean so much?
My mind goes back there often
And struggles to come out
The memories are a whirlpool
That grips me in it's spin

In this concrete jungle
You only know it's raining
When that glazed window gets wet
The soundless muted rain seems dead
And just falls without a reason

I'm waiting for the day
When I'll build my tin-roofed house
I'll bring the rain back to life
I'll take my flights of fancy
To my dreams I will return
captcha Oct 2012
With Winter setting in
The cold wind brings with it
A smile across the memory
Of your hair caught in the wind
Head thrown back in laughter

How silly I felt standing there
You're already across the road
You never had time for the lights
To turn a shade of green
The whole world was too slow

Sometimes I wish I had told you
How these things made my day
You thought they were annoying
You never knew I was smiling
When I gave you that stern look

Does your laughter have the same ring?
Does it still turn heads?
Have you grown wiser?
Can the lights keep pace with you?
Or is the whole world still too slow?

After so many winters
You still bring a smile
To old random memories
Memories that are today richer
Just because you were there
captcha Sep 2012
It seems so distant so far away
Your mind wanders to it all the time
Is it the place that you can't shake off?
Or is it the people you grew up with?

You ask, does the place miss you?
Do the people remember you?
Is nostalgia always one sided?
Can the moments be relived?

Will the rivers, the valleys, the trees
Embrace and welcome you back?
Does it make a difference to them?
That you want to return

Can you see yourself in that picture?
Can you still hear the laughter?
Where has everyone gone?
Will the picture ever come alive?

What remains today
Are just images in your mind
Leave it to the others
Let them make their memories now.
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