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Captain Crash Jul 2013
'The teacher must not
overshadow the lesson'
To this simple rule there
can be no exception
The image or likeness
of Jesus the savior
has for eons been used
to excuse misbehavior
But wearing a symbol
of the ultimate Jew
Will not justify every
evil you do
So the next time
you seek validation
for sin
Read what he said...

BEFORE you begin
Captain Crash Jul 2013
A blink and a yawn
and a grandiose
and a new day

Bottle on the
a reminder
to find

The season
of withered
has come
and the longing
to find freedom
pushes extinction
back into the
realm of possibility

The ability to remain
slipping through my
jaded hands
while the demands
of society ring hollow
in the gabled corners
of my vacant soul


The only friend
who does not
shun my company


The only friend
whose end would
be of consequence


The only friend
I leave behind
to mourn my
Captain Crash Jul 2013
Once there was
a door mouse
who sat upon
a sill
And said to
lowly cockroach
'Hello, my name
is Bill'

The cockroach
smiled in return
and said 'My name
is Chuck.
If you don't mind
I'm way behind
and I could surely
use a buck'

'Where would I keep
a dollar friend?'
said Bill a little blue
'I have no place
to store my cash
I'm not a kangaroo'

'Of course' said Chuck
'I see no pouch
No pockets nor a purse
I tell you Bill at every
turn my luck is getting

'Perhaps' said Bill
'You'll find a job
and raise a little cash
Until such time
I'll share my cheese,
some friendship
and a laugh'

'I thank you Bill'
The cockroach said
'You're quite
the friend indeed
To lend a hand
and share your
food in my time
of greatest need'

'That's the way
we rodents roll'
said Billy with
a grin
'Always there
to lend a hand
to unfortunate
Captain Crash Jul 2013
In your head there's
no tomorrow
as you struggle
to obey
Just a world
of pain and sorrow
all the dimmer
for the day

God is not
a simple notion
nor a set
of languid rules
Not a movement
put in motion
nor a box
of magic tools

Not a book
of sacred verses
left to gather years
of dust
Not a gold or silver
trinket left outside
to fade and rust

Not a man
of perfect beauty
hanging dead
upon a cross
Not a set
of sacred duties
or a river to be

God is something
so much bigger
A thing no human
can surmise
A spark of life
within each other
waiting to be
Captain Crash Jan 2013
Flag of my fathers

When will the winds of equality
lift you from your languid prison?

When will your 12,000,000
immigrants get a fair shake
beneath your furled stars?

Flag of my fathers

When will you be worthy
of your returning veterans?

I'm tired of them washing
my windows for spare change
beneath the overpass

Flag of my fathers

When will your gays and lesbians
be more than fodder for bible
thumping patriots?

I was a bible thumping patriot
once but I never hated the gays

I'm tired and broke Flag of my fathers

The bank wants my house
and the Chinaman wants my job

He's welcome to it if he can get
the Indian to give it up

The doctor wants my money
but it's all been squandered
on promises and broken dreams

I call for equality Flag of my fathers
and they call me a communist

I'm not a communist but if communists
believe in equality, was Jefferson
a communist?

Flag of my fathers

They tell me to leave if I don't like
the way things are but where will I go?
Mexico's crowded and Canada's cold

The righties tell me 'get a job'
but the jobies say 'get an education'
The Universities hand me a bill
and when I can't pay
they tell me 'get a job'

It's all ****** up Flag of my fathers
and doesn't make any sense

I've got a headache, leave me

I'm so tired

Watching shadows crawl across
the walls is dull even for a slow
witted fool like me

Flag of my fathers

Why are we at war?
Why are we closing our museums
and demolishing our libraries?
Why are we feeding our military
and starving our vets?

It's too much to take
Flag of my fathers

It's too **** much to take...

— The End —