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odessa Nov 2019
she smile like nothing's wrong
but she feels like
she's gonna die alone
so much sorrow filled in her eyes
her stomach full of butterflies
im afraid of falling in love and loosing people
odessa Sep 2019
as long as you say i love you
pouring rain in the afternoon
i will believe you
just because i want to be broken
and when you left me alone in the dark
i will destroy myself
in a room full of dust and tear
my sweet blood
my numb soul
my wounded body
gonna haunt you
i do not feel fine and i can not express my feelings so this is the mess inside my head
odessa Apr 2018
Fill my heart with sadness
Tell me all the broken words
It won't hurt anymore
**** me one more time before you go
I'm gonna sing the dead girl's song
odessa Jun 2017
girl with broken mind and broken memories in her heart,
how can she repair herself without any help?
how can she accept her mistakes and tryna letting go everything about him?
now she's broken on her own way, laying on her bed, eyesclosed and all alone
odessa Jun 2017
All the things that I couldn't reach
All the faces I didn't see
Since you broke my heart
I can't run anymore
I can't stand anymore
That feeling burning inside my heart
So afraid of dark and I need your human soul
But where did you go,
without me?
odessa May 2017
You don't even know the taste of isolation
How can you sing so deeply about death?
You've got a huge heart
How can it be so dark and quiet place?
Darling, there's one more thing I need to say
How can you make your sunshine dead,
With magical words in your head

— The End —