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Mar 2016 · 654
Candice Mar 2016
like when you
are so close to
reaching home
you just realize
that you'll enter
a place wherein
your true self
is not accepted.
I hate this feeling!!!
Mar 2016 · 812
my saddest song.
Candice Mar 2016
all the pain was because of you,
all the sacrifices and love that's true.

I hope that I can be yours too,
for you're the only song I'd like to listen to.

the message of yours is clear,
it's okay to lose me and you're not in fear.

you're my saddest song, the one and only,
and I'll love the whole you endlessly.

you're the last song I'd like to feel,
and the last song I'd love to hear.

I'll be your forever lover,
a lover that you won't even remember.
Mar 2016 · 887
Candice Mar 2016
I want you to satisfy my soul
and make me stay forever.
Midnight thoughts....
Mar 2016 · 1.0k
my sweet favourites
Candice Mar 2016
your sweet lies are my favourite,
they are like sugar on my bitter cake.

your sweet fake actions are my favourite, too,
they make me love you harder even if they're not true.

your sweet imaginary love is also my favourite,
you make me believe that they can be true and real.

but your defection is not one of my sweet favourites,
for it made me realize that I'm not really permanent in your life.

I'm just your sweet favourite temporary source of happiness.
Mar 2016 · 1.4k
the sun and the universe
Candice Mar 2016
you made me feel like I was your sun,
that's why I made you my universe.
Mar 2016 · 10.0k
Candice Mar 2016
nagsimula sa simpleng kamustahan,
nagkakilala't nagkamabutihan,
'di inakalang lalalim,
ang pag-iibigang akala'y tunay.

dumaan ang ilang araw,
umaga, tanghali at gabi,
ikaw ang tanging kausap,
laging sa isip kahit 'di man matanaw.

habang tumatagal ay,
palalim ng palalim ang nadarama,
puso ko'y patay na patay,
sa'yong pagkataong ubod ng ganda.

ngunit sa isang iglap,
wala pang dalawang kurap,
ako'y iyong nilisan,
at 'di na binalikan.

'yun pala ikaw ay,
may iniirog nang kay tagal,
'di mawari ang nadama,
ako'y tila nasaktan.

akala ko ay ika'y akin,
'pagkat ako'y paga-ari mo,
akala'y parehas ng nadarama,
'yun pala'y nagkamali lamang ako.

kailan kaya kita malilimutan,
at 'di na iisipin pa,
inalay na pagmamahal,
akala'y masusuklian na.
Tagalog poem.
Candice Mar 2016
sometimes, I wish that I never met you
and never in my whole life let you know me
and sometimes I also wish that I never fell in love.
Mar 2016 · 485
Candice Mar 2016
soomehow, I felt like I was betrayed.
I hate myself.
Mar 2016 · 246
Candice Mar 2016
sometimes, you just have to breath
and let go of all the ****
Feb 2016 · 1.2k
Candice Feb 2016
We are like parallel lines
even if one wanna meet the other one
it cannot happen because it is a rule.
S l e e p
Feb 2016 · 290
Candice Feb 2016
The saddest part of being strong is just,
no one will ever notice your sadness.
I deserve the love, understanding and care.
Feb 2016 · 678
Candice Feb 2016
She just want to be loved
she just want to feel real special
she just want to be free
she just want to know that somebody cares
she just want somebody to appreciate
her efforts, sacrifices and she herself
she just want somebody to care
ask why her smile fades and why she's sad
she just want somebody to understand
that not all her decisions should be depending on someone
she just want somebody to see
all her smiles are fake and there's sadness on it
she just want everyone to see her true self
that she's important and worth sacrificing for
she just want somebody to see
that she's stronger that what they knew
she just want somebody to find out
that she's worth of every love and respect
she just want everybody to know
that even if she's strong outside, she's breaking inside.
Someday, y'all gonna realise her ******* worth.
Jan 2016 · 728
Candice Jan 2016
Say you'll never let me go again.
Say I'm the only one who's in your heart 'til the end.
Say you'll be with me until your last breath.
'Cause I don't wanna see you with anyone else again.
I just miss somebody...
Jan 2016 · 784
Candice Jan 2016
Trees do sway and dance
as birds in the sky go fly
end is yet to come.
Made my own haiku. Five, seven, five syllables. Hi peeps! :) I'm sick but soon I'll be okay, pray for it
Jan 2016 · 5.7k
Tula ng puso
Candice Jan 2016
Hindi kita pakakawalan,
hindi kita papalitan,
hindi kita sasayangin,
hindi kita sasaktan.

Lagi kitang iintindihin,
masaktan man ngunit pipilitin,
dahil ikaw lang ang sinisigaw ng aking damdamin,
na uhaw na uhaw sa 'yong pagtingin.

Sana'y masabi ko ang lihim na pagtingin,
na sana ako nalang ang iyong ibigin,
gustong lumapit ngunit naduduwag,
sapagkat marami akong kahating naghihintay.

Kung sakali man na ika'y maging akin,
iingatan ko ang 'yong pusong masahol pa sa bituin,
hindi ko maipapangakong hindi papaiyakin,
ngunit pangakong hindi ko sasadyain.
Tula (in english poem), puso (in english heart)
Jan 2016 · 702
Candice Jan 2016
You don't chase the people
who actually don't give a **** ****
and let you down a hundred times.
Jan 2016 · 288
Candice Jan 2016
I was just wondering,
do you think you're lucky to have me on your life,
or it's a plain bad ******* luck?
Jan 2016 · 771
rule #4
Candice Jan 2016
don't let yourself be ruin
by the people around you.
'cause in the end,
you're the only one whose there
to fix yourself.
I'm right, right?
Jan 2016 · 901
Candice Jan 2016
People will hate you, rate you, shake you, and
break you. But how strong you stand
is what makes you.
Happy new year again!! ❤❤❤
Jan 2016 · 3.1k
Candice Jan 2016
Endings are painful, who doesn't agree right?
they say that this is the end of everything you once had,
or the time that you recall memories,
no matter how bad, ugly or painful.
But for me,
endings are just new beginnings,
yes something has to end,
but something will also start.
A new chapter of your story,
a chapter wherein you can apply your learnings from the past,
a new chapter wherein there's a room for a change,
and a new chapter wherein you become stronger and tougher.
Endings can somehow give us happiness,
we can live without doubts,
we can live without even worrying 'bout the past,
and it can give us hope to keep striving and working hard.
So, let us not worry about our life's ending,
your story is what you will make it,
and if it becomes the chapter you don't want,
then be free and open for endings for it is a new start.
Dec 2015 · 569
Candice Dec 2015
What if,
you're becoming the person you hate?
you're becoming the person you thought you'd never be?
will you be crazy or will you just go with the flow of life?

What if,
we never experienced being sad,
will we appreciate the times when we're happy?
Or will you be crazy and live like an idiot?

What if,
we never experienced pain,
you think life would be happy?
Or will it be plain like your heart?
Do you guys agree that "what ifs" are the most painful one?
Dec 2015 · 590
Candice Dec 2015
Is chasing people good or not?
What if we're just fighting for what we want?
Are we in a wrong path?
I guess people can't just accept that fact.
Well, hmm...
Dec 2015 · 273
Candice Dec 2015
I am strong because I know my weakness.
Sometimes I just need to breathe, trust, let go
And see what happens next.
Dec 2015 · 703
Why can't I unlove you?
Candice Dec 2015
It's been 10 months since our last talk,
It was clear to me that it's over,
Though it still hurt because I thought it'll be forever,
But I should get over you start moving on.
My thoughts are killing me. Well anyway I'm back!!
Oct 2015 · 1.6k
Candice Oct 2015
I don't know why I can't write,
maybe I just can't find the perfect words,
that fits on the broken heart inside.
Repost! Idk but uggggh this is whut I'm feelin right now :((
Oct 2015 · 368
Candice Oct 2015
I thought,
loving you was the most perfect,
and best decision i'll have,
in my life.

When I did it,
at first the feelings were extraordinary,
thought there's no way others can replace it,
it seems like the feeling will last forever.

But, as the days and months goes by,
the feels are starting to change,
I thought the problem was on me,
but I found out that 'twas on you.

I asked you,
"what happened?",
the love was lost,
and so my soul.
I'm back! Late night thoughts though
Aug 2015 · 508
'what if'
Candice Aug 2015
they say that 'what ifs' are the most painful one
but for me, it's my signal for me to try again
to try the things I haven't done yet
or the things I have tried.

I asked myself
what if I'll love you again?
will it be the same love as before
or will it be sweeter than the first time we fall?

I asked myself
what if I'll love you again?
will you give me the same love like before
or will you turn your back and give me nothing at all?
What if I'll love you again? Will you still love me back or nah?
Aug 2015 · 819
I'm just really sad
Candice Aug 2015
I ain't tired, I'm just sad
I am not angry, I'm just sad
I need time to refresh, I'm just sad
I won't give up, I'm just sad
I just wanna prove to you
that I'm worthy of your love
and I'm just sad
but I'll keep on loving you
I'm just sad
I'm just really sad.
I'm just sad :(
Aug 2015 · 404
Candice Aug 2015
I don't know why I can't write,
maybe I just can't find the perfect words,
that fits on the broken heart inside.
Aug 2015 · 850
rule #3
Candice Aug 2015
everyone is your friend,
but not everyone will stay,
and not everyone is true.
Rule #3 guys :)
Aug 2015 · 721
rule #2
Candice Aug 2015
just because you feel it,
or think it,
doesn't mean it's true.
Happy birthday to me!
Aug 2015 · 302
I thought..
Candice Aug 2015
when I was a child
I thought life's easy
it's like
you can ask money
from your parents
then buy a candy
but when I start to grow up
little by little
days that passed
made me realized
it's not that easy to live
because you gotta work hard
for things you want
and you gotta love
and you'll get hurt.
freakin random
Aug 2015 · 481
rule #1
Candice Aug 2015
do not ever give up everything
for the person whose giving you happiness
because that happiness is just temporary
and that person will soon leave you.
True right?
Aug 2015 · 520
short story
Candice Aug 2015
I miss you, I just really do,
but you're with her and I don't know what to do,
do I have the right to take you back,
'cause I just want to feel your love right now.
I'm hurting....
Aug 2015 · 3.1k
Candice Aug 2015
I'm just a puzzle,
a puzzle that you can not solve,
that's why you left,
because you had enough,
from solving a complicated puzzle like me.
Aug 2015 · 1.4k
Candice Aug 2015
we certainly
make sacrifices
for things we want
to work out
but what if
the world is
the one who
gives up
on you?
Aug 2015 · 317
Candice Aug 2015
when you fell,
don't expect others to love you back,

because they actually won't.
Jul 2015 · 614
Candice Jul 2015
I feel like i'm inside a room,
with nothing to hear but full of fear,
hoping that I can resist my tear.

I'm wondering how things can be so complicated,
when all I did was to understand,
that there were things that you had,
with one snap now it's gone.

I'm wondering why people leave,
now i'm alone with nothing to feel,
still thinking why they broke the chain,
when all I did was to accept in anyway I can.

Am I still not enough,
why does it have to be this rough,
didn't you realize my worth,
why do you have to be this cold.

I'm tired of chasing everyone,
'cause i'm always being ignored,
it kills me when I chase you,
and you won't even take a glance on me.

I'm alone, I can feel the tear,
I don't know if I'll be able to hear,
and be able to throw this fear,
I'm in danger and I can't escape anymore.
late night thoughts....
Jul 2015 · 391
pain of love
Candice Jul 2015
I like you,
you asked me if I do,
but I refused to say the truth,
because I know you like someone better,
someone who's prettier and sexier
someone you think can give you the things I can't.

and here I am,
drinking like I've lived a lifetime with pain,
I tried to replace my feelings for you,
the way you made my heart beats so fast,
only alcohol and cigarette can replace that fact.

I'll try to win you back,
and do everything for you to want me again,
even if I know that you'll never want me like before,
*or you probably never wanted me in the first place,
and I don't know what to say but ****.
This hurts so bad..
Jul 2015 · 255
Candice Jul 2015
i'm sorry,

i'm sorry for everything,

i only did that because i love you,
*and i'm scared to lose you.
it just popped up on my mind
Jul 2015 · 1.0k
One Wish
Candice Jul 2015
I wish I could turn back time,
to right the wrong things,
and to clean the mess I've made.
This has so many meanings.
Jul 2015 · 564
Candice Jul 2015
Life is a journey that never ends,
A lesson that we'll take 'til the world ends,
We meet new people that sometimes becomes our inspiration,
But sometimes becomes our distress.

He gives us challenges day-to-day,
To make us stronger than yesterday,
Even though we're about to give up,
He's always there to lift us up.

No matter what decision we'll make,
Always think of the consequences it will take,
Chances that we didn't take,
Are worst than the moments that we'll never forget.

We should forget injuries,
But not the kindnesses,
We should learn how to cry,
But you should know how to wipe.

Life is an endless process of learning,
Extra patience is what you'll be needing,
Try to take it easy,
And you'll probably have a perfect journey.

— The End —