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Kaya Jun 17
a willow tree,
unlike i'd ever seen before.
there were fairies in the branches,
and they would rest in the
nooks and crannies
on little beds of
leaves and flower petals.
the mountains behind my house were
sleeping giants,
their forests were riddled with
elves and spirits of the wood.
there is nothing more i need
than the sunflowers fields
and a story from the sleepy willow.
Kaya Jun 12
You love her.
And that’s fine,
I’m happy for you.

But don’t you find it odd
that you talk about her
But she never says anything about you.

Don’t you find it strange
her name drips from your mouth
but she doesn’t talk about your
Smile and laughter
Like you talk about hers.

You have fallen head over heals
For a girl that hasn’t even stopped for you.
That isn’t a relationship.

You deserve love.
But you can do better than her.
Kaya Jun 11
I drank enough
to forget who I was.

I’ve never felt more
Kaya Jun 10
you wrote that in the back
of my too full journal.

i read it every day
and sob.
Kaya Jun 10
i still miss her.
on days where i blink
and behind closed lids,
i see everything
we never were
and all
we'll never be.
Kaya Jun 9
I am standing at the edge of a cliff
ready to leap.
but I do not know whether I will
Kaya Jun 9
Your eyes are forests.
Still and quiet at first glance
but there is a
to them.
I am not afraid of your
whispering hollows and
eerie calls.

Your skin is a cliff side
etched with countless
stories and memories.
Smooth and rough and
but that is the beauty of it.

Your mind is an ocean.
Delve into the
endless and unknown
with no fear.
I will not hold back my
As you do not hold back your
crashing tides.

I wish to tell you what I see
when I look at you.
But you cannot explain
all the wonders of this life in mere

Your soul is a part of earth.
It is made of
rose petals and
honey and
dirt and
stones and
you should know
how magnificent that is.

you are living.
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