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Kaya 1d
the sunrise was more golden than i'd ever seen it,
almost like the world was waking up.

we sat for hours,
sometimes in silence
sometimes laughing.

it didn't matter what we did,
we were escaping just long enough to see how
wonderous life is

and that's all that mattered
Kaya Jul 11
a queen of life was born
and taught not to rule,
but to drench her hands with blood
and callouses
and death.

how misleading it is
to find that
those who were made to save us,
are just as ****** as we are.
Kaya Jul 11
you cradled me and
loved me
until i felt safe enough to love you back

and then you let me go
and simply watched as i shattered on the ground

i was nothing but an experiment to you.
Kaya Jul 6
hopeful and
daydreaming and
fragile and

You are my soul,
my love,
my life.
this one goes out to my baby sister. I love you little one.
Kaya Jun 24
Glass and soot rattle my lungs
in each quivering breath,
Bitter stone and thorns claw
at my shaking hands

As I drag my dying body
through hellfire

trying to save you
Kaya Jun 22
I like to lay in the cosmos;
Stardust freckling my cheeks
and hanging from my lashes,
it’s residue on my finger tips.

I dangle from the stars,
Saturns rings around my waist,
Neptunes blues in my eyes,
Jupiter’s storms in my heart.

I dream and dream and dream,
among galaxies and supernovas,
perfectly at home
in the void of space.
Kaya Jun 17
we sat in your car
on a cliff side,
overlooking the world.
i laughed,
you smiled.
(I'm so in love with that smile)
you kissed me
before the city lights
and i couldn't breathe.
your lips were so soft
and your hands so gentle.

is it possible to love someone
this much?
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