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I am ashamed;
by the words of my mouth
and the screams of my thoughts.

I am disgusted;
By my selfish desires
and ignorant cries.

Human, I am
Human, I will be
there's no escape from this reality

but still grace is around me;
still You are abundant in mercy
My very soul is dependent
on these gifts you have sent
for without them,
life's purpose becomes death

I push as if You'd let go
I neglect as if I could stand on my own
but truly
this I know,
as human as I,
dependent I will be
to a Savior
who never gives up on me
as i looked through cheval glass
i recognized a body staring back
it had wounds & scratches
on its hands and feet
it had a broken heart
that cried every beat
as i stared at it's ruptured figure
i looked up to find
eyes that flickered
then in a flash
the body changed
it had hands of an artist,
feet of a dancer,
lips of a singer,
mind of a dreamer,
and the heart of a believer
& that's when I realized
the figure was mine
it was I
before i had been made new
before I surrendered my life to You
and as tears fall down my face
my hearts worships
through the sound of your grace
for from then on
my hearts commits without compromise
my mind was washed clean from all the lies
for truly I, am loved by Jesus Christ
blinded by a painful sight
slowly losing hope in the light
questions unanswered
purpose left shattered,
hurt by self centered
was down on my knees
cried & pleaded
a miracle was needed,
deep in my heart

but on the 3rd day
the unexpected
on the 3rd day
I got the message
and finally
on the 3rd day
I believed
more that I've ever believed
I praised more than I've ever praised
& on the 3rd day
I bowed down to pray
**Therefore I shall proclaim
that the LORD shall never forsake for His power is truly great
test = testimony
A whisper creeps
in my head at night
saying words that wrap
around me tight
strangling me with its cries & lies
slowly killing the dream inside
injecting me with such desires
to stray from the path
where I lie

Although I've tried to cover my ears
my heart listens to what my ears
cannot hear
then it all goes to my mind
where it starts to make my eyes blind
to the truth I'm soon to forget
if the whisper never leaves my head
some say it's the greatest of emotions
some say it's a lie to tell a person
but no matter what you think
or what you say
Love* will always stay
Love doesn't leave you behind
but finds you in the labrynth
Sometimes Love will even let you fall
but eventually catches you
at the bottom of the pit
to prove that Love exists
Love never keeps grudges
but forgives even when you don't deserve forgiveness
Love isn't some cheesy pick-up line
Love is a sign
of hope in a wicked world

but Love isn't perfect
Love will sometimes fail you
and Love will fall
but I
I will accept Love for what it is
I will be there for Love in every circumstance
And I
will be Love's Love

You might be wondering,
who is Love
Love is all of you
All of you whom I've laughed & cried with
who helped me get back on my feet
who believed in my dreams
that are almost too impossible to reach
And *You

who stood by my side in my darkest night

**Thank You,
for being my Love
and know that I am yours too.
A short spoken word I made for everyone in my life <3
Once upon a time
a girl,
a daughter,
a princess
played nearby a cliff
some say she's crazy
for she risked her life daily
nearby the cliff
Though it never seemed to dawn to her
the danger of the cliff
so she ran
around and around
the edge of the cliff

Once upon a time
she decided to run
nearer to the cliff
she had more fun
but now she's done
for she had finally slipped
down and down she went
while shouting out
But no one heard her cry
years and years have past
still falling in a vast void
constantly waiting
to wake up
from a realistic nightmare
nearby the cliff
At 12 pm
a midst silence
a sudden realization
a sudden recognition
sparked from me to you
I would like to thank you
for teaching me
to forgive the unforgivable
to love the hateful
and to share with the greed
You've always told me
how much you loved me
and I knew it
but knowing is nothing
compared to understanding
And when the time came
I understood it
I understood it so well
that I started to see
every little thing you do
just to make me happy
I know there are times you'd wish
to go back and change things in the past
for maybe you could've taken a better path
but your mistakes led to this day
that I'm oh so thankful for
I wouldn't want anything to change
Your selflessness gives me inspiration
to keep striving to be a better person
I wouldn't have asked for anyone better
to serve as my father but you
You told me how
you and mom were a match
but when pride came
it was all too heavy to catch
and save, so it fell.
Then you met a girl
who taught you
how to become a better person
and accepted you with all her heart
and gave you two little boys
who is now a part of the love you give
The love that never failed to put a smile on my face
the love who put me to bed in my toddler days
I'm never good at showing the things I feel
but believe me when I tell you
everything in this poem's real
with the most purest of intentions
to say I love you from head to heel
A very honest and personal poem
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