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I've found a poet
Who sings
A boy
Who feels
And let's his voice
Shake in songs
About airplanes crashing
Who tells me
He loves me
Very very very very much
Happy Birthday darlin'

He has dark hair
And walks on a bridge
To watch a
Bowl of oranges
Float away.

The Calendar Hung Itself-
He says.
He'll visit the band in the morning.

God he strums smiling-
In pain
Brimming with paint-
What a waste-
A stepping stone on a path.
If you haven't heard Bright Eyes- give em a listen... My favorites are The Calendar Hung Itself, Lover I Don't Have to Love, At the Bottom of Everything, Waste of Paint and Bowl of Oranges
 Jan 7 Lost
 Jan 7 Lost
There’s not much left
My wounds are healing
Scars fading
And all I can think about
Is adding a few more
To my collection
This residence is haunted
By no one but myself.
My room; a silent kingdom;
Yet is prison, and is hell.
Still-life inside a chrysalis;
My own skin forms a crypt.
The struggle to break free
Entombs me further yet.
It’s not that I am scared
Of the worlds’ one thousand things -
I’m scared that I will free myself
To find I have no wings.
 Dec 2019 Lost
Aquila Venatici
And all at once,
I know the plight of the hungry dog
given only a bone.
it is identical
to the plight of the suicidal man
thrown a rope.
i thought of this at work
 Dec 2019 Lost
I cough when I choke, and I cry and I claw, I charm and I cling and I cheer and I call, I curl when I cuddle and I care and I calm, I chance and I commit and I cave and I fall.
 Dec 2019 Lost
Final Dance
 Dec 2019 Lost
After lengthy days of torment and grief
Braving the cold, remained the last leaf
Feeling the slightest breeze
She slowly danced with grace and ease
Like a ballerina driven by the sound of her heartbeat
She made her final dance
And with her gorgeous golden autumn wings
She’s now ready for winter’s frigid embrace
 Dec 2019 Lost
 Dec 2019 Lost
The lights are fading into black,
As they try to flicker on the stacks,
But death will find us all one day,
Sleeping in some cosmic sway,

A tickle of presumption in the air,
The lifts that happened won't seem fair,
As peaks and eloquence fade away,
A truth that lead us all astray,

All I wanted was effortlessly afloat,
Above the hearted sunken boats,
Dropping towards those glinting eyes,
There was no doing in the way you tried.
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