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4.3k · May 2015
stages of hand holding
cameran May 2015
you let me hold your hand,
and play with your fingers,
then you left to **** another girl,

and maybe you thought
i'd be fine with that
"i'm not."
3.9k · Sep 2014
high school stereotypicals
cameran Sep 2014
one big tear in
the fabric of society,
the shut ins,
the outsiders,
the comic book geeks,
the gamers,
the carefree lovers,
the jokers,
they all want to fit in,
but why would you
want to be on the inside?
the biohazard *******,
and ken dolls aren't cool,
they're cruel.
"ew, your lame."
2.5k · Jun 2014
infinitive amounts of hurt
cameran Jun 2014
it hurt to hurt,
and watch them hurt,
but we had to hurt,
because if we didn't,
then the hurt wouldn't go away,
and if the hurt didn't go away,
then we'd never stop being hurt,
and it would be a never-ending cycle
of watching them hurt,
while i hurt too.
"pain demands to be felt."
2.2k · May 2014
love drunk
cameran May 2014
as the smoke traveled between our mouths in a sensual dance,
i knew he was the one i wanted to spend late nights,
and early mornings with,
huddled together under his cheap,
wool comforter,
his favorite flannel hung carelessly on my figure,
and my favorite perfume left forever attached to his pillows.
"i like waking up, and making two coffees each morning."
cameran Oct 2016
if i had known that
that was the only time
i'd ever get to hold your hand,
i would have held on longer
"i wouldn't have been drunk either."
1.8k · Apr 2014
dr.seuss daydreams
cameran Apr 2014
i want to live in a world with truffula trees,
and caroling who's,
cats that balance objects on their head,
and raining green goo.

i want star-bellied sneetches,
dancing on beaches,
and colors,
on everything.

i want green eggs and ham,
offered by sam-i-am,
and a lorax to use sarcasm on me.

i want to escape reality,
and where better than childhood memories.
"all i wanted was a way out."
1.5k · Jan 2014
sorrowful wings
cameran Jan 2014
She was like a butterfly soaring through rain.

Her wings were tattered and torn, causing her to fall.

But eventually the rain went away,

and her wings began to dry,

and she began to soar again,

this time, stronger.
"Nothing gold can stay."
1.5k · May 2014
cameran May 2014
one day i'm scared
i'll dig too deep
and get buried underground
"that kid used to eat dirt when he was younger."
1.4k · Apr 2014
cameran Apr 2014
i knew he wasn't looking.

no matter how many glances i send his way,

i knew he wasn't going to look back.

1.4k · Apr 2014
encased swallows
cameran Apr 2014
Freedom is like a bird with string tied around it's legs,

it can only fly so far until it gets pulled back.

"all i wanted was room to breath."
1.3k · Apr 2014
sea glass state of mind
cameran Apr 2014
our minds were like broken glass,
scattered about on the floor in small, piercing, pieces.

each day the fragments get mangled a bit more,
by the metaphorical foot of society, and it's indecencies.

although, his mind was like sea-glass,
fractured, abandoned, murky, but still undeniably beautiful.
i think i really love you
1.3k · Nov 2014
stepping stones
cameran Nov 2014
i love you.

you love her.

she doesn't love anyone.
1.2k · May 2014
cameran May 2014
yes i said i was done loving you,
but i would be lying if i said
that my heart doesn't jump
at the thought of you.
1.1k · May 2014
indie boys
cameran May 2014
its that moment you walked in with
scuffed shoes,
perfectly messy hair,
and that ******* old band t-shirt,
that i knew,
i was in deep
"i like boys in bands, who don't shower, and believe their getting somewhere in life."
1.0k · Jan 2014
non-manipulative time
cameran Jan 2014
January 21, 2014.

One day this will just be another date.
And 2014 will just be another year on a long timeline.

And the music we thought was cool; will be old.
And the music before today's generation; will be ancient.
And the generations before that; will be unheard of.

All the movies we thought were amazing, will be nothing but *"classics"
to them.
All the books that Hemingway and Jane Austen wrote will cause them to have to think about where they've heard those names before.

Time is not manipulative.
You can not pause it.
You can not rewind it, nor fast forward it.

Yet, you can live in it.

So, live for now, not then.

"Don't blink and miss the sunset."
1.0k · Sep 2014
booze bandage
cameran Sep 2014
you my
dear are
injured in
the worst

broke both
legs, and
now alcohol
is your crutch
"put the bottle down."

1.0k · Sep 2014
lifeguard not on duty
cameran Sep 2014
i'm drowning
in everyone
else's happiness
"their all in love, and i'm lonely."
cameran May 2014
i often find myself dreaming of a place
with colorful skies
and stars on the ground,
with thousands of flowers
littered all around.

i hope to see caterpillars dancing among the leaves,
and butterflies flying out of the trees,
as well as fairies frolicking throughout the forest,
and a group of fish in a big city chorus.

i wish to only eat sweets,
and have gumdrop seats,
along with long licorice vines,
and silly string borderlines.

maybe even a boy so beautiful
the angels cry.

he can take me swimming in the lakes,
and on pop rock mining dates.

where we'll laugh,
and we'll cry,
but not worry at all.

and inexplicably, fall in love with one another.

too bad i wake up eventually
"i'm a ditzy day dreamer, and i ******* love it."
932 · Aug 2014
prince & pauper
cameran Aug 2014
i'm paralyzed between the fears
of being a nobody,
or letting the pressures of being
a somebody get to my head
I don't know what I want anymore
924 · Mar 2014
bubblegum lips
cameran Mar 2014
It tastes good on my tongue,
and heavenly down my throat,
it fogs up my brain with one big swarm of smoke.

Strange visions, and rash decisions control my fate,
fruity flavored liquids, and staying up late.

I did this for you,
don't you see?

You and your bubblegum lips ruined me.  

"Just two lost souls swimming' in a fish bowl."
907 · Jul 2014
going the distance
cameran Jul 2014
one day
i'll be in
doing nerdy,
and antisocial
things, and you'll
be across the pond
in crowded New York City
with colorful hair and tattoos,
but that doesn't matter because
we'll still talk about anything and
everything, and it won't matter how
we talk about them, it just won't get old,
because you're my best friend, and i'm yours,
and best friends don't let distance intimidate them.
"i'm worried we won't make it."

"don't be silly, distance makes the heart grow fonder, remember?"

"of course."
875 · Mar 2015
wasted youth
cameran Mar 2015
you look at them once,
and automatically you
know everything there
is to know.

but what gives
you the right?

the right to label
someone based on
their sexuality,
their mentality or
their physical appearance.

who said you were
important enough to
judge others?

you are not the
high or mighty.

so stop acting
like something
your not.
"i'm sick of watching our generation not caring."
863 · Jan 2014
Pretty Woman.
cameran Jan 2014
Her body was tattered and scorned,
tainted by the words of hatred,
and bruised by the ones who said they loved her.

Nobody saw past the warped exterior,
nobody peeled back her layers of armor,
hardened by the tormenters,
nobody wanted to love the girl that was damaged.

If they did peel back those layers,
if they did become rightful to her inner beauty,
they'd see an angel, an angel who has fallen.

They would see a butterfly, with vibrant wings that demanded attention,
they would see a gorgeous rose, who's petals have been frayed,
they would see her for who she really is.

They would see her as a women.
A women of many hardships.
A women strong enough to move oceans,
and fight wars.
They would see a women so strong,
not even the mightiest of blades could slice through her armor,
she was a women of gold.

"Stay Golden Ponyboy."
846 · Mar 2015
the stopwatch wall clock
cameran Mar 2015
there are two
clocks on the wall
and neither work.

there are one
million thoughts
in my head
and none are worth it.

sometimes i wonder
is it worth it?

to count the minutes, the
seconds, until time is up.

why measure
life in increments
when i can measure it in

the squeals that
left my lips as
dad chased me
around the house
as a dragon,
the sweet sent
of lavender and
candy flavored kisses.

what about the hum
in my lungs as i tentatively
kissed the boy
i loved and gave him
everything i shouldn't have?

the proud look in
my mother's eyes as
i left home with
my bags packed?

the boys i talked to,
the friends i laughed with,
the nights i wasted
and the ones i didn't…

could these really
have an expiration date?
"another cliche."
cameran Dec 2015
i want to be able to
dance stupidly with my friends,

i want to be able to
say hi to strangers
and sing in public places,

i want to be able to
order food on the phone
and pay for clothes at the mall,

actually, just being able to go to
the mall at all would be nice,

i want to be able to
put myself out there
and say i love you at
the wrong moment
but let it feel right,

i want to be able to
join sports and clubs
without worrying,

i want to be able to
get ready in the morning
without changing my
mind a thousand times,

i want to be able to
walk past people
without being
anxious that they're
talking about me,

i want to be able to
be the star of the show

and whatever you do,
don't write me off as being
******* 'really shy'
because i'm not shy,
i have social anxiety
and **** all of you
"she's just really shy around people she doesn't know."

or a horribly bad poem written by a very sleep deprived, and very angry, introvert
786 · Jul 2014
cameran Jul 2014
you can only love so many times,
before you can't love anything at all.
"make a wish and hope it comes true."
785 · Jun 2014
cameran Jun 2014
we struggle to fit
in with society,
and ourselves.
"i just wanted to fit in…"
781 · Mar 2014
hazel and the ocean
cameran Mar 2014
His eyes fluctuate between
the most glorious color of cyan,
and moss green.

The colors battle to be dominant,
but only end up creating the most
vivid orbs I've ever seen.

They say eyes are the key to the soul,
but his eyes,
are the key to my heart.
"those eyes could start wars"
760 · Feb 2014
dreaming with the dead
cameran Feb 2014
I used to imagine myself standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower,
or exploring whats undiscovered under the sea.

Teaching children with words of wisdom,
or singing to a crowd who adores me.

Taking a road trip across country,
or soaring through space alongside the stars.

Instead I have no dreams, but the ones that are yet to come true.
736 · Apr 2014
opposite pulls
cameran Apr 2014
there could be a possibility for us.

we just need to stop looking in opposite directions,

and start walking in the same direction.

"the proof is in the pudding ***."
725 · Dec 2014
sore feet
cameran Dec 2014
how can i walk
a mile in your shoes
when they haven't
even left the
"small town livin"
720 · Sep 2014
sign language
cameran Sep 2014
this silence
is truly violent
and i can't
hear over
deaf lips
false words
"all my friends hate me."
705 · Aug 2014
cloudy happenings
cameran Aug 2014
and he
"don't fret sunshine, the rain will pass soon."
699 · Jun 2014
road trip
cameran Jun 2014
i wanna drink tea in great britain,
and make love in the parks of paris,
lay on the beach in miami,
dance in the streets of tahiti,
can't you see it baby,
the map i'm painting in your head,
with places all across the globe,
visiting the spartans in rome,
staying in italy,
and seeing our ancestors home,
don't hide you face,
i'm showing you the place,
where we can live out
the rest of our days,
catching lobsters in maine,
as well as feeding the geese,
or admiring the ancient temples
in greece,
we don't have to live in the united states,
there can be better places than the usa,
maybe we'll live in russia,
or even africa,
theres playing football in spain,
i am pretty good,
or is that too vain,
come baby let's take a trip
around the world,
because everywhere,
and anywhere,
is better with you.
"he gets lost to easily, but men never want to ask for directions."
699 · Jul 2014
cameran Jul 2014
i could have
a million
thrown at me,
but the one boy
who's affections
i crave the most,
doesn't want me
"i don't wanna watch the fireworks alone anymore."
697 · Jul 2014
cameran Jul 2014
the only synonym
for love i know of
is heartbreak
"i was in love."
691 · May 2014
either or
cameran May 2014
he was the kind of guy that liked
big busted blondes,
and that chronic ****.

and i was neither of those things.
"he has expensive taste."
680 · Apr 2014
equals just don't add up
cameran Apr 2014
They said we blended together.
Races, genders, sexuality, social standings,
all blended together only leaving silent individuality.

We all know its lies though.

The jocks never acknowledge the brainiacs,
the young boys mock the girls in gym class,
different races segregate themselves away from others.

We are blind towards the real definition of 'equals'.

You keep saying we're the same,
please stop lying to us.
"I thought we would work, but we're just too different."
679 · Jan 2014
forgetful phone calls
cameran Jan 2014
every time he didn't answer, i died a little inside.

Maybe he's busy,

saving a life,

dancing in the rain,

falling in love with a stranger,

kissing in cars,

climbing a tree,

writing a novel,

driving to Disney,

but all he was doing was forgetting me.

eventually they all let go.
671 · Apr 2014
negative limitations
cameran Apr 2014
stop coloring inside the lines,
and paint the whole **** page.
"art is life."
665 · Sep 2014
acting 101
cameran Sep 2014
i act like
i could
care less
around you,
when in
fact i
the most
"your quite pretty on the eyes."
642 · May 2014
einstein theory
cameran May 2014
my mind is racing,
i try to pretend i'm dead,
that my thoughts are meaningless,
and my being is no longer relevant,

but my ideas, hopes, aspirations, memories,
my greatest moments, and my worst ones,
they're all whizzing around,

they won't stop,
please stop,
it hurts to think,
when no ones's there to hear your thoughts
"i'm trying to sleep."
641 · Nov 2015
fuck buddies
cameran Nov 2015
i'm stuck in my delusions
that you want me,
but you're eyes are on hers,
not mine
"never mine."
629 · Jul 2016
xanax cereal
cameran Jul 2016
you act like i've chosen to be the way i am.
i can't control anything.
"i feel useless."
619 · Mar 2017
pointe shoes
cameran Mar 2017
when i was little
i wanted to be a ballerina,
now i just want to be able
to get up in the morning
ding. ****. dead.
608 · Aug 2014
tweedle dee, tweedle dum
cameran Aug 2014
i loved him in pure, unadulterated innocence,
whilst knowing he was anything but innocent,
and that's quite alright
"it wasn't the most conventional type of love, but it was a love of the sorts."
608 · Aug 2016
drinking problem
cameran Aug 2016
one day you'll ask me why
i hate the smell of beer,
and i'll have to tell you
it filled the air when he hit her,
then you'll notice
how i avoid red wine,
and i'll look away to say that
she reeked of it when she screamed at me,
you'll pick up on
how much ***** makes me gag,
and i'll be ashamed to tell you
i washed it out of my hair at 3 am while sobbing,
i'll push away jack
and you'll be sure to ask why,
and i'll cry and tell you
i can't remember why i hate it,
that i can't remember much at all

and then you'll know who i was
when i wasn't me
"i'm better now."
601 · Mar 2014
anchor on the organs
cameran Mar 2014
I gave you my heart,
and you treated it like it was just another *****.

Now I'm empty,
and you could care less.
"Momma always told me to stay away from the bad boys."
600 · Jul 2014
cameran Jul 2014
they called you prince charming,
but i believe a real prince is noble,
and honest.

not a liar or a cheater.
"******* for making me believe in fairytales."
577 · Jun 2014
cameran Jun 2014
i am delicate,
all creamy thighs
and luscious curls.
you are sturdy,
dense muscles
and harsh lines.
we come together
as ying and yang,
a mess of soft skin
and calloused hands
fusing as one
"it's an opposite."
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