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 Feb 2016 Callum K
 Feb 2016 Callum K
Roses are red
I'm done
 Oct 2015 Callum K
I want to be done
I want to move away
I dont want to think about 5 years
From now
And still be crying over you
Because i never got over you when i could.
Youre just magnetic for me
And i cant deny your ability
To make me forget
How bad for me you are
 Oct 2015 Callum K
 Oct 2015 Callum K
Darling, I'm drunk again.
No surprise here.
And I can read those words again.
I can't believe how much of myself
I told you about.
And how I probably know
A good amount of lies
About you too.

But that doesn't change anything.
The queen hibernates, darling.
But she does die.
I didn't go anywhere.
If you're wondering, yes. This is about you.
 Oct 2015 Callum K
 Oct 2015 Callum K
Darling you cannot fix me
For I am not an object
I am a broken heart
But broken hearts are just metaphors
And I am still living
And as long as my heart is still beating
It can't be all that broken
And my lungs couldn't have completely
Caved in if I'm still breathing
And my eyes couldn't have closed out
All happiness if they still open everyday
But if I'm still a beating heart, breathing lungs, and wide eyes
Why does my heart only pump sadness through my veins
My lungs only breathe in hatred and shame
And my eyes only see the things that broke me
Darling you cannot fix me
For metaphorically,
I am a broken heart
Caved in lungs
And hazy eyes
 Oct 2015 Callum K
Lauren Sage
I'm climbing out of this
     Pit goodbye build me a rope out of
Good intentions watch me climb  and inch and struggle I will not noose it,
I am
     Worth more I am going to do this I am going to
  Win, I swear

It is in my nature

Can't drown my
Body won't let me

"Go with the flow"

Thank you
 Oct 2015 Callum K
 Oct 2015 Callum K
it's true really
that we love the things that hurt us
we love the man who lays his hands on us
we love every bruise
we love the racing high
that swallows our entire bodies in the night
we love the glass that leaves us
with red streams of broken dreams
and scars that we pray will fade
next to the ones he had already left
we love all the things that could **** us
it's because we all want out
but cowards don't do it themselves
they fall in love with the monsters that will
do it for them
I pulled a **** from paving stones
Out of compassion I planted it
It grew into a mass of beautiful blue flowers.

Who is to say why the rain seeds where  it does

I stood while frogs fell from above
A woman said that now and then
They fall and go to a pond on the field

Within the huge infinite mind
Of cosmos fractal wide alive

Is all that is

All who live one mind,
Friend and foe,
All the lives ever lived
Yes even those
Who went back to the Source

When all wake up we will see

That seeds from above put us here
That seeds from above are why
It rains Cats and Suns
Dogs and Frogs
Lobelias Planets
You and I too
When we were the first ones
 Oct 2015 Callum K
don't forget to say I love you when you part
she will not think it was an accident but a hint towards you letting go
on days that she can't find her smile
lend her yours
your shoulders
your arms
on days she can find it, let her know how beautiful it is
when she watches the moon
watch her
create art with your eyes, using her face as inspiration
turn her eyes into stars
and her cheek bones into skyscrapers
try not to let her feel like she is alone
this will happen often, just hold her
sometimes words aren't needed
tracing your fingers up and down her spine will say enough
if you leave fingerprints on her heart
be prepared to wipe them off before you leave
How I wish to be loved; how I need to be loved.
 Apr 2015 Callum K
paper boats
While i was looking away
The wind snuck in
Through the cracks in the wall
And the calm fell out
Through the windows

Hear the crows' call
When the night sleeps.
Through the dead trees
The searches for its shadow

A little bit further
From your dreams
Is where she lies today
But not for long
Until the fear is gone
And then she slips away

*While you were looking away
Mangata ; the road like reflection of the moon in the water.
Because you can **** a million times
And still have never made love
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