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3h · 23
look at us here,
desperate to make a new sound

but old money, new money makes the world go round

it will never change, and it will never rebound

i know that it will stay this way until we're grey in the ground
1d · 76
he will never reach
a blissful satisfaction
picking splintered timbers
from a beige sky

he will never love you
until you burn
and the clouds are red
like a forest fire
1d · 52
make       .                           .    *                      .                    
                      *                                me      ­          *      *
       *     .                 *                  .  *                    .                     ­             *
                *     your                                            *           .              *
   *             .                          *         macrocosm            *                             .          *                             *                                                                ­  
the universe is too large, to be anything else
1d · 182
he held my mouth "don't make a sound"
but I'm so loud
on ****** ground
2d · 47
I won't say yes
until you carve out pieces of yourself
and dedicate them
to pouring over my poems
anguished scrutiny of my soul

if you want entrance to my body
enter my mind first, dear
2d · 37
touching my eyelids with cold hands
my mother told me when an eyelash falls out
you can make a wish.
i turned into a trichotillomaniac
wishing after you
2d · 89
english class
I was told off in English today
I maybe misunderstood
the atmosphere of a debate
when I argued that morals are taught
that kindness is false
and human nature
is nothing but *** and ******
oh ye with little faith, you psychopath, you savage
2d · 85
as a child
I sat at the bottom of the pool
miles away from the turmoil and spray
where the day just warmed me
my fingers played on the tiles
illuminated in tantalizing fractals of sunlight
and apart from burning of my lungs
I was at peace, observing, quite separated from the noise.

Now I sit at the bottom of life
there is a joy in observing, not sharing,
the struggles of others
I could so easily swim up, it is within my reach- no
so until I drown, down here in the effortless depths
I am glad, to sit,
and watch the victors thrash to stay afloat
p.s (There is a beauty in watching the world burn; when you're at the center of the flames)
Nov 10 · 36
how do i forget you
callie joseph Nov 10
when every song
hums your name
Nov 9 · 44
if you were the sun
you would be so violent
so hot and bright
that the gum
would boil on the pavements
you are already my sun,
and you are breaking me
Nov 8 · 105
he is
he is the fire
the burning, the flame
he is the downpour
and he is the rain
he is the sun
that's warming the sane
and I feel so lucky
that know his name
for now he is branded
inside of my brain
if i'm a lighthouse, then he's the wave
that will bring me to my knees
Nov 8 · 40
how long
can that girl
live on tobacco and honey
her grey eyes
walk to the leaky church
at midday
she is like her brother
but her lips drip with glass

she will not be extinguished
for her aura is an atmosphere
Nov 8 · 37
you are
the sunlight toiling on
my night time skin
you stretch me, cover me
in morning kisses
drench me with orange
monarch butterflies
your warm voice
as the bristling sun crests the window sill
is the only thing i live for
Nov 7 · 36
she had grey eyes in the tree
she was looking at me
as we sat on the sidewalk
she kissed the graze on my knee
Nov 7 · 31
she was
summer sweat
the fever of the mustard seeds roasting
the walls of leaky churches
and a soldier's pride
she was the storm swell
the tattoo, she was in my skin
and i was in hers
Oct 29 · 122
les etoiles
callie joseph Oct 29
I have come from the stars
they smell of peppermint
like you
and the only words
that they exchange
are your name,
and your beauty
Oct 29 · 58
none of you
callie joseph Oct 29
bare hands
masked heart
peppered bruises
from the start
wild hair
broken gaze
and a shattered heart
from an abandoned chase
Oct 22 · 43
callie joseph Oct 22
wind beats on the glass
and it shatters my soul
to see in the rain
that with her, you are whole
Oct 20 · 280
callie joseph Oct 20
among shaking,
dancing palm fronds
he pumps his veins
with curls of smoke
reclines in his throne
slowly, it's a science
gold in his fingers
and jungle snakes
and twitching beats
excite his bones
Oct 11 · 109
callie joseph Oct 11
voice full
of mist sweat
and jungle sounds
arms warm
like leaves caving
around me
pulling me deeper
into the lush lull
of your breathing tides
Oct 11 · 39
callie joseph Oct 11
He pushed me in a shopping cart
along the gum- stained pavement
rattling over cracks filled with small weeds heaving to grow
the sun is sinking into the still, black sea
but my heart is rising with the moon
Oct 9 · 75
i love you
felt like the sound
the sound of my head
smacking against the concrete
Oct 9 · 45
one day
every inch of your skin
will be stained with my kisses
and burned by my tears
Oct 9 · 29
drooling, drooping eyes my
gaze pools languidly around you
soaked clothes hanging, translucent
warmed by the moonlight
and warm lips, cool breath
citrus and milk, hidden veneration
clotting acidulous and sweet
irises glazed like the wet glass
in the cathedral, heart against my ear
the soft tide, satiates me,
washes me away, like the pale light after the rain falls,
in the tide of his breathing
to smoky stillness
and heavy sleep
he has no clue how in love i am
does he?
Oct 9 · 48
i yearn for sleep
where i can be with you
created by our dancing
in a hungered dream
Oct 9 · 41
the ache parts
you come cold
as sleep and freezing kisses
still close
i have this every sometimes
filling me
Oct 9 · 148
my heart
waits for you to text back
without your response
what reason has it
to keep beating?
Oct 9 · 20
we walk at night
beneath bright lights
drenched in dark sweat
and smoke falling from our lips
like reckless words
heels aching and black
we bow from the labors
of the day
and the heat
of the night
Oct 9 · 15
i love therefore i am
you are my only anchor to existence
in a merciful rage
of warm tears and soft kisses
i love you
like cold ***
pouring over the fire
drown me in your reckless words
Oct 3 · 41
tropical storm
let's go surfing
gather the fading
remnants of our youth
there's a hurricane coming in
the grey waves are roused
pounded by the rain
the heron
with its white and jagged breast
and the three legged dog
laying in the dripping bushes
are calling you
to bear witness
Oct 1 · 47
you are love
set me on fire
you have haunted me
with your desire
i'm finally real again
Sep 28 · 45
to L
callie joseph Sep 28
more than anything
i want to study
the gentle intonation of your voice
the soft shapes
of your skin
the scents
and feeling of your hair
i want to know you
Sep 28 · 60
callie joseph Sep 28
skin as clean as the ocean
salt water in your blood
bones would settle sweetly
among the singing sands

she would shatter like
a blue tile
that adorns mother's kitchen
looking over the sea

we watch the whales come in at dawn
and as the dusk draws near
the sailboats heave in with nets
shaking heavy with the flashing fish

and brown, wrinkled fishermen
who cut fast into the ****** fish with their knives
slaves to the sea
and sons of the tides
i join them on my surfboard now,
years later
ducking my head beneath the meniscus of the earth
as the engines grind past
so much has changed
Sep 28 · 56
callie joseph Sep 28
salt, tobacco, sand
getting caught between my teeth
am i a castaway
laying in these
elysian waves
i am free
i dread the cold rain, crouched on the horizon like a demon black.
its winds will draw me out to the sea
Sep 28 · 30
callie joseph Sep 28
cigarette mist
dripping fragrance
the hands stretch up
in the limelight
to catch the
razor blades of sound
thundering chords
tear through the nosebleeds
eyes closed in the darkness
let go
and dance while the band
sings your name
Sep 28 · 25
callie joseph Sep 28
pressed her fingers against the surf
so the gentle waves would learn the grooves of her palm
like they knew the stretching white cliffs
that glowed in the starlight
where her naked toes
would defile the sandy flesh of the beaches
as she danced to
whispered music
crackling sea foam
and the thunder
miles and miles away
the sun ceased to rise
to make way for the moon
who watched her endeavors
with mortal pain
Sep 28 · 29
callie joseph Sep 28
i blink the dry
air conditioning from my eyes
pretend the cheap
white table under my elbows
is a waxed surfboard
these fluorescent lights
the warm and burning sun
this popcorn ceiling
littered with wandering cello-tape
is the blue sky
that i can see through the window
naked, no clouds
the whirring of the printer
and these vexing voices
could be the waves
rolling into foam
my board grinding against the water
my feet touching the coral heads
i am stuck in a daydream
about the sea
when in the classroom
Sep 27 · 33
trigger warning
callie joseph Sep 27
listened to 4 morant
on repeat
letting the xannies
hit the bottom
before i took some more
and facetimed
my friends
lets sneak out
graze our knees
on the griptape
of our new skateboards
and the tarmac
its 2 am
im coming
stand under the window
to my bedroom
second floor
and catch me
when i try to get down
im nervous

-----------------------­----------            oh no

----                  i let go

-------------------         ****

SMACK                                               the worst pain i've ever felt

no this wasn't supposed to happen


-----------                  ­           i landed on the tiles i feel broken


my back hurts
somethings wrong
-                                                        blood everywhere
-                                  i thought i was a god
i broke it
-                                                           i can't feel my arm
my back's broken where are my friends
-                                                        ­                       they were never here
**** help help help
they can't hear me
mum? dad? they'll be so mad
-                                                         what do i do
what if i die
what if i never walk again

its blurry
call an ambulance
-----                        you're not supposed to move

Sep 27 · 41
callie joseph Sep 27
don't roast my parents on a spit :)
Sep 27 · 31
callie joseph Sep 27
she casts
the lasso up
to the snarling
skies and ensnare it
with the burning rope
it's back breaks in
the wind
like a torn sail

it tangles
in the lunar cavity
descends effervescent stars
like honey dripping
down a string
into hidden
alcoves of the golden

here, my love
see my arms heave
the bruises
that adorn me
like the jewels of
an african king
i have brought you
the moon
Sep 26 · 177
callie joseph Sep 26
in the drear sun
i had a headache
maybe it was the salt
from the surfing that day
so i sat in the shade
and watched nightingales
peck at the red
and rotting
sea grapes
Sep 23 · 185
callie joseph Sep 23
he is as blue as the rising crescent
warm as the phantoms marine
and cold as the rain, dripping over
my cupids bow i am refreshed

he is
Sep 23 · 25
callie joseph Sep 23
hold me
orpheus with pale skin
atop the white cliffs
where the foaming waves break
and ghosts cry
beneath the torpid sea
paint me with your tears
Sep 21 · 52
the view
callie joseph Sep 21
hands, cheeks, chin, nose
pressed yellow against the
warm glass
the sun has no obstacles
but the effervescence
of the bubbling mirage
cast in the grass
near the reflection
of your blushing toes
Sep 21 · 2.1k
callie joseph Sep 21
i couldn't tell you where
but she was surfing on her own
salty water in her hair
and a ribcage full of stone
the lit cigarette was smothered by the sand as the rains came in
Sep 21 · 55
callie joseph Sep 21
you were surfing on your own
salty water in your hair
and when you stood before the grey sky
I fell in love with how you care
Sep 8 · 52
im struggling
to trust
to fall in love
without the distractions
of subtle signs
you want to leave
me behind
Sep 8 · 34
heavy lidded perfumes
drift lazily, tainted aromas
inhale the sweetest of the votives
here is the laden, blooming temple,
and here, spilling over,
like coins from the velvet pouch
of an african king,
pours her blossomed flowers
beneath rich draperies
and ebullient golden ornaments,
here is the fertile ground
of fervent worship, fevered,
of shadowed light through stained windows
and walls with no bareness nor chill
no indication of sparsity,
muffled in tapestry and a fine
tabula rasa of foreign carpet
hear the bustle of workers and priests
like pollinated honeybees in the sweat
splaying the bloodied guts
of a newborn lamb
a vermilion and cobalt expression
of mindless love and gory submission
in her rotting, humid temple
here, in the sacrificial dance,
will die
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