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among shaking,
dancing palm fronds
he pumps his veins
with curls of smoke
reclines in his throne
slowly, it's a science
gold in his fingers
and jungle snakes
excite his bones
callie joseph Oct 11
voice full
of mist sweat
and jungle sounds
arms warm
like leaves caving
around me
pulling me deeper
into the lush lull
of your breathing tides
callie joseph Oct 11
He pushed me in a shopping cart
along the gum- stained pavement
rattling over cracks filled with small weeds heaving to grow
the sun is sinking into the still, black sea
but my heart is rising with the moon
felt like the sound
the sound of my head
smacking against the concrete
every inch of your skin
will be stained with my kisses
and burned by my tears
drooling, drooping eyes my
gaze pools languidly around you
soaked clothes hanging, translucent
warmed by the moonlight
and warm lips, cool breath
citrus and milk, hidden veneration
clotting acidulous and sweet
irises glazed like the wet glass
in the cathedral, heart against my ear
the soft tide, satiates me,
washes me away, like the pale light after the rain falls,
in the tide of his breathing
to smoky stillness
and heavy sleep
he has no clue how in love i am
does he?
where i can be with you
created by our dancing
in a hungered dream
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